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The Midway Historic Preservation Committee  was formed in late 2006 by Mayor Connie Tatton.   The  Committee  was charged with identifying and documenting  the older homes in Midway, creating a walking tour for visitors and in developing a local historical register. 

The surveys to date cover Main Street and all of the original town plat from 400 West to 300 East plus onto 400 East and from 200 North to 100 South which includes  241 properties.  There are 13 properties in Midway on the National Register of Historic Places,  five of these are brick and stone Gothic Revivals built from 1869 to the 1880’s by English builder/architect John Watkins and are considered the best and most significant examples of this style in the State of Utah.

The Committee currently chaired by Carl Hugh Jones, a former curator with the Nebraska State Historical Society, and other museums in California, Utah and Wyoming.  

If you are interested in helping or for any questions please contact.

Carl Hugh Jones, Chair
98 South 550 East Midway, Utah 84049

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