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Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce
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Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce

Heber Valley Visitor Information

Heber Valley is located in the Wasatch County Utah.

The great mountain peaks and lush valley of Wasatch County were once a secret known only by nomadic American Indian tribes. The first white men to walk the land were a pair of Spanish friars looking for a passage between Santa Fe, New Mexico and Monterey, Calif. It is said that Father Francisco Antanasio and Silverstre Velez de Escalanta traveled along the Strawberry River through Diamond Fork Canyon to the shores of Utah Lake. Although hunters and trappers soon followed along Indian trails in search of beaver and mink, no man considered this land home until after 1858, nearly ten years after Mormon settlers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley.

William M. Wall, George W. Dean, and Aaron Daniels began taming the wilderness in 1858 for the future settlers. Upon their arrival, however, they were surprised to find an encampment of men already plowing ground into fields. The five men were sawmill workers in Big Cottonwood Canyon who had decided one summer afternoon in 1857 to spend the day looking for a legend paradise land nestled in the tops of the Wasatch range. Did they find it? Absolutely!

In 1859, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began the trek up Provo Canyon to the valley of the upper Provo River. When a massive snow slide threatened their progress, they disassembled their wagons and carried them to the other side and continued toward their goal. By late spring of 1860, more than 200 settlers were working in the valley.

The majority of new settlers were emigrants from England converted by Heber C. Kimball. To show their appreciation and respect for the great missionary, the settlers named the Provo River Valley after him. Heber City was incorporated in 1889.

Settling the new land was not easy. The struggles and challenges tested even the strongest pioneers. Determination, faith, and courage allowed them to succeed and lay the foundation of a beautiful and peaceful valley.

More settlers soon followed. The surrounding mountains reminded Swiss settlers of the Alps and by the 1880’s Swiss settlers were gathering in the valley. The Swiss immigrants left a strong heritage and tradition, a “little Switzerland” in today’s Midway. Swiss architectural details are found throughout the city.

The snowcapped mountains and deep green valleys of this paradisiacal land wait to welcome you as they did settlers of old. Heber Valley’s rich heritage can be explored in events and celebrations, historic buildings, homes and museums.

The Ute Indians used this area for hunting and fishing and tribal gatherings and Pow-Wow's, Wasatch in Ute means "mountain pass" or "low pass over high range."

The county's highest peaks top 10,000 feet, and over half of the land is 7,500 feet above sea level. The first settlers came into Wasatch County from Utah Valley in the spring of 1859 and located a short distance north of present Heber City at the London or John McDonald Spring. That same year, a number of families began locating farther to the west along Snake Creek, establishing two small communities.

The first was a mile and a half south of present Midway; the second was about three miles north of the first. In 1866, because of Indian hostilities, settlers were encouraged to construct forts for protection. The two Snake Creek settlements reached an agreement to build a fort halfway or midway between the two existing communities--hence the name Midway. Because the valley was isolated, residents had to work together to survive. That same spirit of cooperation exists today in the Heber Valley.

Things To Do in Heber Valley

Heber Valley's culture is a little bit cowboy, a little bit Swiss and a little bit wholly natural, a reflection of the Wasatch Mountains that surround it. It's also always fun - there are always things to do see and plenty of them, from interactive events to live theater and historic railroads.

Every kind of relaxation is possible here. The spas will soothe anyone's nerves. A drive up into the surrounding canyons and peaks is always gorgeous. Even watching Heber's clear skies for birds is a beautiful experience, whether you do it from the Town Hall or from the nearby foothills. Heber Valley's distinct four seasons makes outdoor recreation in general especially attractive.

Biking: With over a thousand miles of trails, Heber Valley is a biker's paradise. There's nothing quite like whipping through trees and scaling mountain paths - then rushing back down them. Even road biking is spectacular here.

Heber Valley Railroad: Heber Valley Railroad may be Heber Valley's most famous attraction. And although riding the rails alone is an amazing scenic experience, the rides are often themed. You ride the train while listening to a local band perform old show tunes, or you ride the train while having an authentic chuck wagon dinner.

Attractions: Even Heber Valley's movie theaters are historic and its live theater is amazing. Art lovers will find no end of galleries. Spas are both within the communities themselves and up in the mountains. The Valley has its excellent museums as well, about everything from local history to the history of aviation.

Parks: Parks in Heber Valley, whether state or city parks or simply scenic, are especially lovely. Some of them rest in the mountains, rocky and green. Others rest more gently against the lakes. Rivers often run through these scenic areas, sometimes leaving waterfalls in their wake. There are perhaps no better places for a walk.

Scenic Drives: Heber Valley has so much scenery that you may prefer to explore large parts of it at once. A canyon or peak that might take a day to hike can be seen in an hour - that is, if you can resist stopping the car and getting out for a closer look. But driving these routes alone will take your breath away.

Bird Watching: Heber Valley's varied terrain attracts a wide variety of birds. Predators like Eagles and Hawks soar overhead, waterfowl rest on the area's reservoirs and songbirds trill in the thickets on the edge of the forest and in town. If you are observant you will see many species of birds in and around Heber City and other communities. Those who want to enjoy bird watching at its best will do well by walking the shorelines of our reservoirs, hiking the perimeters of the Wasatch Mountain and Soldier Hollow areas and exploring the transition zones between farmland and forest, you can even bird walking down Heber's sidewalks.

Events: Sometimes, Heber Valley appears to be in a constant state of quiet festival. There's always something going on. Heber Valley Railroad and its themed rides alone are part of what makes the Valley so fun on repeat visits. Other events celebrate the Valley's heritage, both cowboy and Swiss, and others celebrate the rich natural heritage everywhere around.

Recreation: Come in the summer for hiking and biking and golf, or come in the winter for all types of skiing. Cross-country skiers and downhill skiers alike will find award-winning resorts. You can scuba dive all year round - and few places, in Utah or out, can offer that. Boating and fishing (and ice fishing) are always popular - and with good reason.

Summertime Concerts: Free summertime concerts can be found in the event section of this site and are located at the resorts, City Parks and right on Main Street.

Water sports: Heber Valley has three massive (and famous) reservoirs - Jordanelle, Strawberry and Deer Creek, as well as some smaller reservoirs that canoers will thrive in.
Fishing: these reservoirs is also a very rewarding activity, and the Provo River is an exceptional trout stream.

Off-road/ATV: There are many great places to ride off-road in the mountains with beautiful scenery and.

Golfing: Each of Heber Valley's courses are award-winning and most of them are up in the mountains. There's nothing quite like playing a game of golf against such a dramatic backdrop.

Hiking: Everything from gentle trails to multi-day treks can be accessed in Heber Valley. There are quiet meadow (and sidewalk) walks and there are strenuous routes over mountain peaks and steep slopes.

Horseback Riding: The terrain in Heber Valley has exactly the right kind of variety for the horseback rider. Both beginning riders and riders that have been atop a horse for years will find a trail suited for them. Some are leisurely. Some are nothing short of intense.

Soaring: whether with a sailplane or a hot air balloon, is a popular way to see Heber Valley from the heights.

Scuba diving: at Heber Valley's famous crater is truly a once in a lifetime experience - and can be done any time of year.

Winter Cross-Country Skiing: Soldier Hollow is a large part of what made Heber Valley's cross-country skiing famous, but it's hardly the only place to ski. You'll find wild routes out in the national forests that surround Heber Valley and plenty of largely untouched land to backcountry ski.

Downhill Skiing: Few communities can boast being close to as many ski resorts as Heber Valley is. And few can boast such excellent resorts. These are some of Utah's largest, best-rated, best-equipped ski resorts, with deep powder and thousands of acres and hundreds of runs to explore.

Ice-skating: the rinks within the Valley is an excellent way to pass an evening of fun.

Snowmobiling: endless miles of forest and backcountry slopes can occupy days.

Snow shoeing: can be dabbled in anywhere and Heber Valley is filled with fresh snow.

Tubing: hills for families to slide down at exciting speeds.

Water Skiing: water skiing in the mornings is like skimming across a sheet of glass. Fast, Fun and Beautiful.

Midway Swiss Days: Swiss Days has been a tradition in Midway, Utah for several decades. The residents of Midway look forward to this time of year to showcase the community to people that come from destinations far and wide. Swiss Days in Midway offers a wide variety of handmade items, antiques, fine art, and great Swiss food.

Swiss Days is always held the Friday and Saturday of Labor Day weekend.

There are many Swiss meals to choose from Swiss Tacos , Swiss Kraut Dinner (Made with homemade Kraut -- Old Swiss Recipe) ,Swiss Bread (Homemade by Local residents) ,Swiss Cookies (Homemade Braztzilies) ,Pies and Ice Cream ,Scones with Jam ,Sandwiches, Candy ,Roasted Nuts and Much, Much More.

There is live entertainment throughout the town square daily and the Swiss Days parade is held early Saturday morning at 10 a.m.

The welcome, friendly atmosphere of Swiss Days is evident as the community takes pride in sharing their heritage. Enjoy a wonderful time in our historic valley and town. The Swiss Days experience is one you will want to return to year after year.

And there's even more:

· Tennis
· Shopping
· Sightseeing
· Restaurants
· Rafting
· Kayaking
· Parasailing 
· Wildlife Viewing
· Hunting
· Rock Climbing
· Fitness Center/Gym
· Health/Beauty Spa
· Racquetball
· Basketball Court
· Antiquing
· Cinemas/Movie Theaters
· Live Theatre
· Museums
· Horseshoes
· Horseback Riding
· Hot Air Ballooning

Economic Development in Wasatch County

The communities in Wasatch County are steadily growing and are working in harmony to retain a relaxed, rural atmosphere and still allowing larger businesses to locate to the area to take advantage of the local workforce.

New home construction can be seen throughout the county and there are many options to choose from; condos at resorts, single family homes in town, custom rural estates and quaint mountain cabins.

People with a wide range of interests and lifestyles are attracted to Heber Valley. Excellent schools and a rural atmosphere make it a great place for families. The county has a strong economic base and is attractive for business development. It is also close to Park City and the Wasatch Front (Provo and Salt Lake) and many residents enjoy the beautiful canyon commute to work in the lower valleys.

Retired people enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and recreational opportunities in the area and a good number of people view the county as the perfect location for a second home or recreational cabin.

Sixty-three percent of Wasatch County is dedicated public lands. Uinta National Forest, Wasatch Mountain Sate Park, Jordanelle State Park, Deer Creek State Park and Strawberry Reservoir provide numerous campgrounds, hiking trails visitor centers and activities. Consequently, Wasatch County and the Heber Valley are outdoor recreation Mecca’s. From family-friendly to the all-or-nothing experience, there is an endless variety of recreation.

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