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Issues Community Conference5:30 pm
Wasatch High School9:00 pm

On March 7, 2012 be sure to bring your entire family to the annual Issues Community Conference at Wasatch High School.

Once again the conference will offer a keynote address and workshops for adults and teens, fun youth activities for 5-11 year old kids whose parents are attending the conference, and childcare for 6 months-4 year olds. 

All of it is free! 

High School students who attend this conference can get attendance school credit, and even double the hours if their parent comes with them.

This year’s keynote speaker is John Bytheway.   His topic, What's in your Backpack?

What’s in Your Backpack? - John Bytheway Life is a lot like backpacking; you can’t change the trail, but you can make the hike a lot easier if you change what you put in your pack. We’ll laugh together as we learn a few ways to unload some of the things we carry around, and how to help each other along the trail.

Strange Girls, Weird Boys - Brian Winward Boys wonder why girls are always talking and girls wonder why boys don’t want to share their feelings. Why are we so different? Learn how to bridge the communication gap with members of the opposite sex.

Selling Ice to Eskimos - Darrin Sluga If a 30 second commercial of a woman in a bikini can sell hamburgers, then what can years of sexual messages sell? Examine current television, movie and magazine advertisements to demonstrate the powerful impact of media in our society.

So You Want to be a Millionaire? - Jim Ritchie Everybody wants money, money, money. Learn the “secret” to financial success no matter what your income is.

What Happy People Know - Marlene Joyner How do students keep working hard when the teacher seems unfair? How do we stay optimistic when the country is in turmoil? How do we keep hope alive when things look bleak? Learn the real secrets of happiness.

Avoid Dating A Jerk or Jerkette - Kimber Burkes Follow your heart without losing your mind! Protect yourself by keeping your relationship in the “safe zone” and knowing the “FACES” of the people you date.

Deadly Legal - Angie Watson Hear the presenter’s own story of finding her 13 year old son dead from a prescription drug overdose. In Utah, more people die from this type of overdose than from car crashes since we are 4th in the nation for prescription drug abuse. Angie shares her experience in hopes of preventing this tragedy from happening in someone else’s family.

Are You in Your Right Mind? - Verne Larson This is a new revelation in common sense based on right vs. left brain research. Participants will learn about self discovery, understanding others, communicating with your whole brain, de-stressing and using the power of balance in your life.

On Second Thought - Mary Noonan We all make mistakes and do something that we later regret. But, do we all know just how serious the ramifications can be? Judge Noonan will discuss real cases that have come to Juvenile Court and the lessons that all youth and their families can learn from those examples. Stationed in Iraq - Mike Ruff Hear one soldier’s stories of his experiences while stationed in Iraq. Learn first hand about the things happening there and all over the world that you won’t hear about in the media.

What the Heck?!! - Mark Fuller When a referee makes a bad call and someone throws a fit, what happens? When a driver is cut off so he angrily honks his horn and gestures with the other hand, who’s in the wrong? Has uncivil behavior become so common place that we don’t realize our actions are making the situation worse rather than better? View footage of sports outbursts and other irrational behavior to open up a discussion about the need for greater civility and respect toward others.

The Price is High - Miss Wasatch & The Wasatch Co Health Dept. Join Miss Wasatch in the “Hollywood Comes to Heber” game show including The Price is High and the Wheel of Good Fortune. Guess the prices! Spin the Wheel! Everyone participates as a contestant chosen from the audience or in a bingo style game. Topics of the show are abstinence and the assets which help young people avoid high risk behaviors.

The doors open at 5:30 p.m.  Children can be registered at the Youth Activities or Child Care areas beginning at 5:45 p.m. so that parents can be in their seats when the conference begins at 6:00 p.m. 

Children in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade can participate in activities and presentations while their parents attend the Issues Conference. Parents must be present to sign their child(ren) in at the door of the children’s activities.

Childcare services are provided to children ages 4 years old and under whose parents are attending the Issues Conference. At the time of registration, parents can inquire about childcare services and get directions to the childcare room. Childcare is provided by a professional babysitting service.

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