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FREE community health fair at Heber Valley Medical Center4:00 PM
1485 South Highway 40 Heber City, Utah 840327:00 PM

Thursday, September 22nd from 4-7 pm.

Activities include:
-reduced-rate blood work 
   prostate screening $15 
   thyroid screening $15    
   CMP, CBC and lipid screening $35
-free blood glucose screenings
-free blood pressure
-free diabetes screenings and information
-free sleep-apnea screenings
-free lung functioning screenings
-life flight
-employment opportunities
-free fitness assessments
-infant CPR demonstrations
-teddy bear clinic - bring in your torn stuffed animals and a nurse will stitch them up
-interactive ultrasound display -hands-on, interactive operating room tour -free community health lectures (in the education center)

4:30 Bryan Christensen, NP-C, living with diabetes
5:30 Gordon Olsen, DO, Orthopedics, cycling, a healthy, lifelong obsession
6:30 Betty Wade, RD, CD, CLE, CDE, Navigating today's nutritional mazes

Come for the health fair and stay for dinner!

Make $2 contribution to the Wasatch Community Foundation's Dialysis Fundraising Campaign and dinner is on us!

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