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Lick The Pole 5K Obstacle Course Fun Run9:00 AM
2002 Olympic Park DR Midway Utah 840491:00 PM

It's about thirty below zero, and there it sits, one shining metal mast standing in all its glory, thrusting thru the snow pointing to the heavens. As if common sense and fear of pain weren't enough, you succumb to sticking your wet tongue to the coldest object known to man. Yet another Natural Selection Survivor was born and you swore to never do something so stupid again!

Here you sit, maybe decades later, maybe less than a year, looking over a new winter time challenge! The Lick the Pole Obstacle Course Fun Run, invites we Triple Dog Dare YOU, to come join on the most fun you can have galloping 5K merrily thru the cold and snow. As if running on packed snow wasn't enough, we've added twists and turns, climbing walls, cargo nets, tubes, and who knows what other surprises we'll come up with for this event. So get out of the valley inversion to for some fun in the winter sun and come test your mettle (or should we say metal) against something besides your lip! Come on out and lick the pole...we Triple Dog Dare Ya!

10:00 A.M. start time for the first wave. Waves of 100 participants go off every 5 minutes, so wave 2 @ 10:05AM, 3 @ 10:10AM, 4 @ 10:15AM, etc, etc.

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95.0 ºF
Wind Speed RH Barometer
2.9 MPH 10% 30.12 in
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