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Ranch and Trail Competition9:00 AM
415 S Southfield Road Heber City, Utah 840322:00 PM

9:00 AM Trail competition and open preview. come watch the horses cut cattle, rope out of the box, or work under pressure. The Sale Trail Competition will include: open and shut gates, load and unload, take a rain slicker off the fence and put it on a barrell, open and shut a mail box, backing up, drag a log to mention a few. We will also have cattle there to show the horses work in their natural element.

1:00 PM - SALE TIME. THE TIME WE ALL HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR. THIS WILL ALSO BE STREAMED ONLINE. (If you would like to bid via telephone you must prequalify in advance) Call Van for details 801-834-7420.

If you are interested in anything to do with the horse sale, or would like to fly in for a couple of days and experience the old west with a new flare contact any of us an we will give you the five spur treatment

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