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The Common Core Initiative: Both Sides of the Issue7:00 PM
Senior Center Heber City, UT 840329:00 PM

Please join the CornerStone of Freedom and Heber City citizens at the Senior Center, located next to the Wasatch County Library, this Thursday, May 3rd at 7:00 p.m.  Please attend the forum to become more educated about the Common Core Initiative.  Invite friends, neighbors, teachers, and everyone. 


CornerStone of Freedom is making every attempt to present both the pro and con sides of the Common Core Initiative.  You may not know what Common Core is, and may think it doesn't affect you if you don't have children in school; however, the effects of Common Core touch everyone in our community.


Thank you!
Questions:  Call Cammie Nebeker at 435-654-1801

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