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PCSUP Paddle Peddle Paddle10:00 AM
S.R. 319 Bldg 515 Box 4, Heber City, Utah4:00 PM

At Jordanelle State Park.


Option #1 Individual ATHLETE for entire race(recommended for people fit and ready for a challenge)..........

Option #2 Get a team!

The race legs can be broken down into teams of up to three. So you could have a paddler for leg 1 a biker for leg 2 and a different paddler for leg 3. You can also have one paddler for both paddle legs and one biker.

We will have medals for the top team and for the top three men and top three women individual participants. This race is all about finishing and doing your personal best!

We recommend this event to those athletes who are up for a challenge. The day will begin with course overview at 10:00 in the parking lot at the Rockcliff enternace of the Jordanelle State Park.

We will then start with leg 1 the first 5 mile paddle. The paddle will be a 2.5 mile out and back for 5 total miles. Paddlers will have to pass by the inside of a buoy at the half way point both directions in order to keep paddlers close to the shoreline.

After the First leg of the paddle athletes will dismount their boards and have a short jog to the bike staging area. There will be mud.

Athletes will then mount their bikes and go 5 miles out and back for 10 total miles. We estimate the elevation changes at 3,000 vertical feet. Upon completion of the bike stage athletes will have another short jog to the water and mount their paddle boards for another 2.5 miles out and back.

This event is going to be very fun and very challenging. Go practice the course!

***Surf Booties are a great thing to look into for this event. Excel makes a good bootie, get at least a 5mm bootie to keep your feet comfortable** Bring light layers that you can peel off if you warm up during the race. Water and food are important items in an extreme edurance challege.

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