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Speaker Utah Senator Stuart Reid and Gayle Ruzicka7:00 PM
465 E 1200 S Heber City, Utah8:30 PM

Utah Senator Stuart Reid  and his speaking partner  Utah Eagle Forum Pres. Gayle Ruzicka
Topic-Anti-Discrimination Legislation
Last session of the Utah Legislature, an anti-discrimination bill was introduced.  The bill made it out of a committee but didn't make it to the floor of the Senate for a vote.  This legislation will be back again next session.  Senator Reid and Gayle Ruzicka have been traveling the state discussing the implications of this type of legislation.
They will address-Discrimination in the law-What would this type of legislation mean for schools, religious liberties, workplaces, and same-sex marriages.
I have taken excerpts from Senator Reid talk given at the Celebration of Traditional Marriage and put them below.
7:00 PM
Heber Senior Center
465 E 1200 S
Also, Heber City Chief of Police -Chief Booth will be there to answer questions about the new Public Safety Building.

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