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09/17/2010 - 09/19/2010
Civil War and Living History9:00 AM
100 North and 600 West Heber City UT 8403210:00 PM

The Utah Civil War Association (UTCWA) is hosting and participating in the first ever Heber Valley Civil War and Living History Weekend held in Heber City on Sept 17-19th 2010.  All events are free of charge to the public, except those participating in the black powder shoot.  Al activities will be held at Southfield Park, Heber Old Town, AmBank, or Big Hollow Shooting Range.
The UTCWA consists of two units:  The Union, Federal, or Yankee unit is the 81st Pennsylvania Infantry.  The Confederate or Rebel unit falls in with the 4th Texas Company B.  Both units are necessary to give a better feeling and representation of the soldiers who fought in The War Between the States.

Friday, Sept 17th will be a school day for all surrounding schools to attend and learn about the civil war and how life was lived in the 1860s.  Please check and see if your child’s school is planning on attending.

Saturday, Sept 18th is our public day. 
9:00-    Opening ceremony   
9:10-    Lecture on Battle of Sharpsburg
9:30-    Many flags of the civil war   
9:45-    Music from the civil war period
10:00-  Ladies’ and children’s fashion and quilting/sewing/knitting for soldiers
11:00-  Military Demonstrations: uniforms and muskets, drilling, etc
12:00-  Cavalry demo:  See how the mounted Cavalry served in the war 
1:00- Medical demo by Union impressionist doctor
1:30-    Artillery demo with life sized reproduction cannon firing
2:00-    Original Civil War artifacts: actual swords and sabers used in the civil war
3:00-    Black Powder Live Shoot at Big Hollow Shooting Range
7:00-    Free community 1860s public dance called by professional historical dance callers – learn the Virginia Reel and other period dances

Sunday the 19th
10:00-  Non-denominational 1800’s period church service

A civil war era quilt show will be held Friday and Saturday in the basement of AmBank.  It is free of charge and it will showcase quilts made by ladies throughout the state that are replicas of quilts made during the years of the civil war.  Local and out of state food vendors will be at Southfield Park for the public.  Civilian impression tents, including a barber, newspaper writer, and abolitionists will also be set up for the public to view and learn about the turbulent years of the civil war.

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