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Heber Mayor's Message 2/1/2011

I received a telephone message a few weeks ago from a woman who lives in Heber. She asked if I would share the following in our newsletter, and her request is a valid one (although it's unfortunate that the matter even has to be addressed): "Please! When you are shoveling snow, do not throw it into your neighbor's yard or onto their property." I think that speaks for itself.

Friends of Animals Utah (FOAU) is looking for animal lovers in Wasatch County to help with their new programs at the Heber Animal Shelter. Since signing a Volunteer Agreement with the shelter this past summer, FOAU has been sending volunteers into the shelter almost daily to extend public adoption hours and to train and socialize animals in the shelter to make them more adoptable. In 2011, FOAU would like to expand and launch additional programs such as their popular feral cat trap/neuter/release program and a new foster care system for animals that are too young, sick or simply too numerous to stay at the shelter. FOAU also hopes to raise funds in Wasatch County to vaccinate and spay/neuter the animals in the shelter prior to adoption. But all of these programs require the help of generous citizen volunteers. If you would like to get involved in any capacity, please email

Work is underway on Wal-Mart (the walls have started going up) and it should be open for business this summer. Boyer Company has other stores that will be built this spring as well, and they hope to open with Wal-Mart. Recently, the City received a building permit/application from Chase Bank, and Burger King is meeting with the City's Planning Commission later this month to seek final commercial approval. With increased commercial retail sales, we will have better opportunities to shop locally, the City will benefit from increased sales tax dollars, and many new jobs will be created.

BY DAVE PHILLIPS   02/06/2011

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