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Wasatch Wrestlers Broadcast Region Tournament for Wounded Comrade

The super region tournament, with teams from the northern regions in the state, was held at Wasatch High School last weekend.  As reported elsewhere in the Wasatch Wave this week, Wasatch did a great job (as usual) winning several championships.  

But some who attended may have noticed another effort that was taking place on the upper track in The Nest by Wasatch’s wrestling team when they were not on the mat.

In order to keep their injured team mate, Dale Lawrence, involved with his team, the Wasatch Wrestlers joined with WHS’s TV broadcasting program to provide Dale a connection to the tournament, even while he rested in his hospital room in Salt Lake.

“We set up a camera and headphones for the kids to use,” said John Moss, Wasatch High School’s TV teacher.  “We then used our internet broadcasting capabilities and, for the first time, paired a video signal with our audio signal that we quite often use for sporting events.”  This signal was available to Dale, as well as anyone else around the world who wanted to watch this tournament.

But one thing was different this time around.  The camera man and the broadcasters were all members of the wrestling team.  “We didn’t have a lot of time to train the kids,” said Mr. Moss, “but we just encouraged them to be as professional as possible.  Sometimes, they forgot that others may be listening and their conversation became very personal and directed towards Dale.  I think Dale may of liked that the best.”

Dale’s mom, Kellie Giles, texted Principal Paul Sweat at about 6:00 p.m. on Saturday evening.  After two full days of wrestling, there were still a few more hours to go. “Dale is exhausted and should be sleeping,” she told Mr. Sweat, “but he refuses to quit watching until all of his team mates are done.”

Finally, when the last awards were given, Dale allowed them to turn off his computer and he got the rest he needed.

“I have usually been very particular about the kids who broadcast and the preparation that we want them to undertake to be professional in their broadcasting efforts,” said Mr. Moss.  “However, this weekend, having Dale’s buddies make the tournamemt something personal was a wonderful thing.  For those of us who were privileged to eavesdrop on those conversations, it was a special weekend.”

The wrestlers and broadcasters are going to try to repeat their broadcasting efforts this weekend at the state wrestling tournament at UVU so that Dale can participate again.  If you would like to watch the tournament, go to and select “Wasatch Sports Radio” under the “Community” tab.

BY JOHN MOSS   02/11/2011

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