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Thirty-Two Sections

It was thirty-two sections on the Wyoming line
Established and deeded in nineteen twenty nine

It bordered Montana way up to the north
On the east…the Dakotas, were the boundaries set forth

It provided a good living for the owners ‘n crew
And over the years turned out many a good buckaroo

They raised Herefords, ‘n Angus ‘n lately Charolaise
And the grass was green ‘n lush on the land where they graze

The cattle were fat ‘n slick and the fences were tight
And they were makin’ a profit cause they were doing things right

They managed their budget and controlled their expenses
They kept up on their upkeep and kept tight their fences

And if ever there was a ranch on which to pattern a design
It was this thirty-two sections on the Wyoming line

But then one year the cattle prices fell
And with prices so low they decided not to sell

They’d wait till next fall they could surely hold on
But the following year the market was still gone

And with the prices received it barely covered wages
And this thirty-two sections…handed down through the ages

Was now deep in trouble, in a rapid decline
This thirty-two sections was now on the line

The owner was quite worried about the mounting expenses
But they just kept raisin’ cattle and they kept ridin’ fences

With what money was left he kept payin’ the crew
But that left no money for taxes when the taxes came due

So now the government… by government design
Owns thirty two sections on the Wyoming line

It’s now run by some bureaucrat from a desk ‘n a chair
The previous owners are gone but the crew is still there

And this Bureaucrat who sits behind his desk back east
Knows nothin’ of ranchin’ to say the very least

And the wisest thing that this Bureaucrat could do
Would be to just sit back and let it be run by the crew

For they now had a budget and they controlled their expenses
And they were still raisin’ cattle and still ridin’ fences

And the ranch was still runnin’ like good ranches should
Everything was done right cause this crew understood

But a bureaucrat’s job is to… complicate things
Oh it sounds good at first but attached are the strings

Then this Bureaucrat mentioned and congress agreed
They would now need a staff if they we’re going to succeed

This buckaroo crew would surely need directions
If they were going to operate these thirty- two sections

So they created departments and drew up the plans
Regulations and rules for these western cowhands

Another department called quality control
Then another department to handle payroll

And of course now they would need a human resource director
Administrative assistant and a buckaroo inspector

And of course all of the benefits ever known to man
Like dental ‘n vision ‘n a government retirement plan

The staff’s nearly complete the Bureaucrat said
Now all that’s needed is a department head

So they hired one more and completed the staff
And if it weren’t so dam serious you’d almost laugh

The budget for that operation quadrupled in size
So after a year or more later it came as no surprise

When congress made a motion to rein in expenses
Finally it seemed…. they had come to their senses

So with a stroke of a pen…they laid off the crew!?!
Oh the staff is still employed cause that’s what bureaucrats do

So the land now sits idle where cattle once grazed
The staff’s still employed and congress was praised

For taking control of the budget and reining in the expenses
Cause it was just costing too much for cowpokes to ride fences

BY JEFF CARSON   02/16/2011

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