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Wasatch County Council June 5, 2010

This report will be an attempt to summarize things that have happened and action voted upon within the past 3 weeks.

Last month is was reported that the Council would be addressing the EMS/Fire Dept issue.  Several meetings have been held with both EMS personnel and Fire Fighters in separate meetings to allow the Council to become aware of the ongoing concerns from each Dept. and their personnel.   No final decision has been made regarding the idea of combining the two Depts or if it is wise to do so.   Each Dept. has a specific role and function to perform in providing critical services to our great citizens in Wasatch County.  What has occurred is the Council is meeting monthly with the EMS personnel to be informed of their monthly service calls, financial expenditures and training they do on a regular basis.  Of course the Council serves as the Fire Board and meets monthly with the Fire Dept. Chief and staff. 

What is readily evident is both EMS/Fire Depts. are doing a great job to meet the needs of the citizens especially when they are called upon for emergencies. With the new ambulance ordered by the Fire Dept in Jordanelle the decision will be made soon about what personnel will man this vehicle, and at what level of training the crew manning it will be required to have, either intermediate or basic.  A meeting will be held within the next two weeks between the Council, the Medical Director of EMS and Wasatch County Fire Chief to make the decision.  

One decision made this week of June 3rd was made by the Fire Board to accept an RFP from nearly 12 applicants to design and estimate costs to build a Fire Station in Timber Lakes.  I will not disclose the name of the company selected at this time since they most likely have not been notified of their selection. The building in Timber Lakes will be a 3 bay structure to better meet the needs of the many families living there for their protection and safety.  The plan is to have the new fire station built this year. 

Other action taken this past week and on a more sensitive note was the denial to Zermatt Resort on their tax appeal to take 12 more months to bring their unpaid taxes up to date.  It was reported to the Council that Zermatt is under new management and in their restructuring process the financial backers had asked for this stay of paying taxes.  It was explained to Zermatt officials that for the Council to approve this request would be asking Wasatch County to go against the State of Utah Tax Commission tax laws.  Zermatt had already had an extension on this matter. 

The Council tabled the Wild land Urban Interface Map discussion due to the fact none of the Council members had access to the revised map until the day of Council meeting.  This matter will be addressed in two weeks after Council members have an opportunity to study the new map.

BY NEIL ANDERTON   06/21/2010

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