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Wasatch County Council June 19, 2010

Action taken by the Council this week included items stemming from Special Service District action to E-verify for county employees and contractors.

First, was the resolution annexing certain lots of Canyon Meadows Subdivision into the Owls Next Special Service District.  Attached to this resolution was the withdrawing of certain property adjacent to the Owls Nest SSD.  The vote on this was 6-0 in favor of the resolution. 

The continued item from the Council agenda two weeks ago was the adoption of the Wild land Urban interface area map.  This comes under County Code Chapter 14.01.04.  Basically the map shows the interface includes all of the areas in the county with the exception of the valley floor in Heber City and Walls burg.  The Interface map was unanimously approved. 

Other action taken was the appointment of a representative from the county to serve on the County Nominating Commission for nominating Justice Court Judges.  The Council appointed John Jacobs Meyer to serve.

The agenda items regarding E-verify to be in compliance with SB 81 2008 had a lot of discussion from the Council members.  It was reported that Counties within Utah need to complete this by 1, July 2010.  David Rowley, Director of Personnel in Wasatch County reported on the progress we as a county is making to be able to E-verify county employees and contractors.  One of the requirements is we must take and pass a written examination.  This has already been done by David Rowley, who passed it quite successfully.  The E-verification is done to help insure that the county has no employees who are illegal immigrants nor contractors doing work for the county has illegal workers.
After this discussion the Council directed that the County Attorneys Office research SB 81 to insure we are proceeding in the right manner.  E-verify will be put on the agenda for the July 7th Council meeting to hopefully approve it and be in compliance.  The flawed part of SB 81 is that E-verification is only done using a social security number. 

Last, as was reported two weeks ago the Council is holding discussions with both the EMS and Fire District Chiefs to finalize what personnel the new ambulance in Jordanelle will utilize and at what level of service will be offered. It appears most want service at least the intermediate/advanced level. Since these discussions are being done in executive sessions I can not report on much of any thing that is being discussed at this time .  Be aware that we are making progress and when a final decision is made it will be reported here.  As far as any notion of combining the two Departments no decision has been made.  

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