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Wasatch School District Requests Input on Language Instruction

In an effort to provide students in Wasatch County the language instruction they will need in the future, Wasatch School District is seeking public input on specific languages that may be offered by the district. A survey has been placed on the district web site at to allow school patrons the opportunity to express their opinions as to which languages are most relevant to their children.

“We want to find out what our community feels are the important languages to teach,” said Cheryl Hardy, who is leading the discussion about language instruction in the district. “This is a long term study. This is not to determine which classes will be taught during the 2011-2012 school year. It is to help us formulate a long term language plan.”

This issue has been studied for some time by a district committee, including looking closely at languages taught by other schools. The next step is to get public input and then go back to committee to analyze the information obtained from the survey.

The committee consists of Cheryl Hardy, Chair; Linda Turner, ELL/Bilingual Education Specialist; LuAnn Brandt, Spanish Teacher; Eric Campbell, Dual Immersion Principal; Marge Carlile, Japanese Teacher; Dan Dahl, Counselor; Tod Johnson, Assistant Principal; Aurora Kiser, French Teacher; Brenda Mena, Spanish Teacher; Morgan Murdock, Assessment/Secondary Curriculum Specialist; Kristine Nichols, Dual Immersion Parent; Stephen Reynolds, French Teacher; Heather Thornock, Spanish Teacher; Jason Watt, Assistant Principal; Brandon Wilson, Spanish Teacher; Griselle Zelaya, Spanish Teacher.

BY JOHN MOSS   03/16/2011

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