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Sponsored by CornerStone of Freedom

Article V of the U.S. Constitution provides means for amending the Constitution by two different methods. The one is familiar to us, the process of Congress approving an ammendment by two-thirds majority and then presenting the amendment for ratification of three-fourths of the States. This process has led to twenty-six ammendments.

The other process is one that we are not so familiar with-calling for a Constitutional Convention or a Con Con. CornerStone of Freedom is sponsoring a forum on Con Con's. Legislation in the past State Legislative session included bills involving this issue. Representative Brad Daw was one of the sponsors of such a bill. He will be the forum speaker in favor of Con Con's as a way to ammend the Constitution. Scott Bradley, a scholar of the Constitution will be speaking on the opposition of calling for a Constitutional Convention. The public will have an opportunity to not only hear both sides of the issue but will be able to submit questions that they may have.

March 31st, Thursday, 7:00 P.M. at the Senior Center-Everyone is welcome. Questions-call Cammie Nebeker at 654-1808.

BY CAMMIE NEBEKER   03/18/2011

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