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Linda Curley Christensen Paints on a Grand Scale

Linda Curley Christensen, a well-known Wallsburg, Utah, artist has been invited to paint six large murals for two LDS Temples, one in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and the other in Spokane, Washington. Each mural will be 12 feet high and 25 to 35-feet long. These six canvasses will be soon all be mounted in Linda's Wallsburg Studio on movable walls constructed by her husband, Greg. As many as 50 or 60 colors will be mixed for each mural and loaded into empty metal tubes the size of a large toothpaste tube. The grid maps are all ready to go, and Linda and her 6 to 8 artist helpers willbegin sketching in sepia tones.She hopes to begin applying paint the week of April 4.

The Spokane temple mural will be completed in July and the Tegucigalpa mural in September. Linda has painted murals for 16 other LDS Temples and always goes to the site to oversee installation. Not all of Linda's paintings are mural-sized! Her normal-sized paintings can be seen and purchased at


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