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Students use Tutoring to Stretch Academically

photo: Alisa Schofield, left, sits with two of her students, Alex Rojas and Cristian Navarrete at the Alternative High School. They are two of the many students who are seeing great academic progress because of help sessions provided at Todd Hollow.

Wasatch Alternative High School has found a solution to transportation problems that prevented some of their students from attending tutoring sessions to help them in their academic progress.

“Since some of the students didn’t have a way to get to our tutoring sessions, we decided to go to them,” said Wasatch Alternative School Principal, Claire Mair. “We have a wonderful teacher, Alisa Schofield, who came to us with a proposal of how we could help the students.”

Every Wednesday evening from 4:00 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. (and sometimes much later) Mrs. Schofield is at Todd Hollow at the Community Center, She breaks out her math and science books (but is comfortable with most subjects) to provide help to any and all comers. “She does a wonderful job with these kids,” said Mrs. Mair. “It is a little bit out of her way as she goes home (Mrs. Schofield lives in Park City) but she is willing to make the effort to provide this service for the kids.”

So far, response has been strong to the tutoring sessions. “We have some students who are making remarkable progress,” said Mrs. Mair. “Mrs. Schofield is so committed to helping her students that they can’t help but make great strides under her influence.”

Wasatch School District deals with a number of students who struggle with academic success, not because they can’t learn, but because they do not speak English fluently. Mrs. Schofield has worked hard to develop the necessary skills in Spanish to help her students improve their English skills as they study math and science.

BY JOHN MOSS   04/20/2011

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