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Summer Lunch Program Free to Children

Darren Wilkins, supervisor of Wasatch County School District’s school lunch program, announced at School Board meeting on Thursday evening, April 21, that all students in the valley will be eligible to receive free lunch during the summer school period this year. “From June 13 until July 28, students 18 and under will be all qualify for our free lunch program,” said Mr. Wilkins. “That is the time period that the district will be holding summer school. Summer school will be held at Heber Valley Elementary, and we are prepared to provide free lunch at that location to all students who wish to participate.” This is funded as part of the national school lunch program. No local money will be used to pay the cost of these lunches. Heber Valley Elementary has more than 50% of its student population which qualifies for free lunch, so federal funding is available to cover the costs of the program. However, students do not need to be in summer school or attend Heber Valley Elementary to take part in the lunch program. The summer lunch program is open to all children. “If a child 18 or under shows up, we will feed him or her, no questions asked,” said Mr. Wilkins. “The one stipulation is that the lunch must be consumed on the school premises. Parents are also invited to come in with their children. Parents can purchase their lunch for $3.00.”

Wasatch School Board President, Ann Horner, expressed the board’s appreciation for the work Mr. Wilkins has put in to make this program a possibility this summer. “Whenever we can take steps that will help our students, we are grateful for those who make it happen. In this case, our hats are off to Mr. Wilkins.

Information about the free lunch program can be obtained at the district office.

BY JOHN MOSS   04/28/2011

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