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Music Thanatology

Music Thanatology
Prescriptive Music at the bedside


What is Music Thanatology?
Music Thanatology, a sub-specialty of palliative care, brings harp and voice to the bedside of the dying, addressing physiological and spiritual suffering with the therapeutic qualities of music.  The music is played prescriptively by responding to individual needs and symptoms.  Music thanatologist receive very specialized, rigorous training in the application of music with body systems.

What is prescriptive music?
Blending science and art, practitioners play a range of music based upon patient symptoms at the time of delivery.  An assessment of emotional symptoms such as anxiety, fear or sadness and physical symptoms such as temperature, pulse, respiration rate, level of pain and overall diagnosis determine what music will be played and which musical qualities and techniques will be used.

What are the benefits?
Neural receptors under the skin pick up vibrations of the music allowing the patient to rest and unbind whether conscious or unconscious.  Harp music in this application is a potent current that can reorganize and transform, unbind and loosen, delivering a comforting element of care.  As evidenced by decreased pain, reduced physical and emotional anxiety and deep slumber, prescriptive music in end-of-life care can bring closure to a patient and their family in an atmosphere of beauty, peace and grace.

Call Sharon @ 435-654-5983 or 435-671-8180 for more details.

BY SHARON LEHR   06/29/2010

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