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JR Smith Elementary “Tweets” Information

Technology steps up to provide parents another avenue to stay informed about their children’s activities at school, as JR Smith Elementary joins the world of Twitter.

“We are excited to provide this opportunity for the families of our students,” said JR Smith Elementary principal Ryan Brown. “We have been looking at this for some time, and we feel that now is the time to launch our Twitter feed.”

Twitter is an information outlet that parents can subscribe to, either on their computer or on their cell phones. “We invite our parents to opt in for this service so they can receive updates on a regular basis,” said Principal Brown.

Subscribing is relatively easy and costs nothing. On your computer, just open a web browser and go to Follow the instructions on that page to set up a free account. Log into your new account and click on the “Who to Follow” button. In the search field that pops up, type in “JRS_Elementary” and click the “Search” button. JR Smith will pop up in the window. Click on the “Follow” button, and you will begin receiving all the “Tweets” sent out from JR Smith.

“We are going to make sure and not overdo the messages,” said Mr. Brown with a smile. “But we do want to have a way to alert parents to what is happening at our school. We can send alerts about special programs being held, core test schedules, etc. We can even report to parents after we have run a fire drill so they can visit with their students about it when they return home that day.”

Instructions on how to set up your cell phone to receive the JR Smith tweets can be found on the Twitter Home page.

JR Smith will continue to tweet for the remainder of this school year and they invite the community to join them by signing up for their updates.

BY JOHN MOSS   04/28/2011

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