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Artwork Donated to Elementary Schools

Back Row
Wasatch County Elementary Principals, Ryan Brown (J.R. Smith Elementary), Doug Hardy (Old Mill Elementary), Shawn Kelly (Midway Elementary), Deanna Lloyd (Timpanogos Intermediate School) and Eric Campbell (Heber Valley Elementary) join with artist Brent Flory (3rd from left) as he presents his painting "Back to School" to them to hang in each of their schools.
Front Row
Florine Whiting, Jim Smedley and Kay Probst present Wasatch County School District with Giclee copies of Mr. Flory's painting "Back to School", which will be displayed in all elementary schools in the district.

“We are so grateful to all of you for your generous donation to the Wasatch County School District,” said Terry Shoemaker as he received a gift of artwork from Brent Flory and the Wasatch County Centennial Committee. “Having these beautiful paintings in each of our elementary schools will be wonderful for the children as they experience the magic of inspirational art as they walk past them each day.”

The paintings, which are Giclee prints of the original painting by Brent Flory which is displayed at Heber Valley Elementary school, were framed and paid for by donations from the Wasatch County Centennial Committee. Florine Whiting, Jim Smedley and Kay Probst represented the Wasatch County Centennial Committee and were on hand for the presentation to Wasatch County School District's elementary principals.

“We are the remnants of the Wasatch County Centennial Committee,” said Jim Smedley as he made the presentation. “We still had some money left in our fund that we wanted to put to good use. We contacted the artist, Brent Flory, who so graciously agreed to work with us and provide all the work and framing at cost. We were so delighted to be able to afford enough of these prints that they can hang in each of our elementary schools in the valley.”

The painting, which is an original Brent Flory work, depicts many educational ideas throughout the theme of the painting. “I wanted to show the power of education, and used the light coming out from under the door to the classroom as an image of the illumination that comes from knowledge,” he said during the presentation. “In addition, there are many other images within the painting that relate to the power of education. Each child in the painting has a key that will unlock their futures. That key is education.”

“We are just delighted to have this beautiful painting hanging in all of our elementary schools where all of our students will be able to experience the wonder of Mr. Flory’s artwork,” said Superintendent Shoemaker.

The valley has a pioneer tradition of supporting the arts, according to Mr. Smedley. “We (Kay Probst, Florine Whiting and Jim Smedley) are all that is left of the Wasatch Centennial Committee, but we wanted to make sure that great art, even in lean times like we are going through right now, is never overlooked. We felt that this was an important gesture to demonstrate our commitment to the arts in this valley,” he said.

BY JOHN MOSS   05/18/2011

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