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Wasatch County Council July 10, 2010


Since the Council has not held meetings the past two weeks this is the first update since the middle of June.

First on the agenda to report is the issue of Wasatch County adopting the E-Verify on all new hires by the county as well as insuring that anyone the county contracts with also E-verifies that they are in compliance with SB 81 addressing this issue.  Since it was deemed an administrative action a formal motion was not needed for the County to adopt E-Verify.  Yours truly was ready to make the motion to officially adopt this part of SB 81.  Our personnel Director, David Rowley has taken the necessary steps as well as the test, which he successfully passed to complete the requirements.  Last week Utah Attorney General, Mark Shurtliff sent out a letter to all Utah County Commissioners and Councilman informing us that many counties in the state have not complied with SB 81 and the deadline was 1, July 2010 to do so.  I believe that we as a Council have done what is needed to complete E-Verify and just need to have it formalized. 

Last week in Wasatch County Fire Board meeting the Council, acting in the capacity as the Wasatch County Fire Board unanimously voted to accept the proposal to build a fire station in Timber Lakes.  The Timber Lakes Board President, Mike Durr has signed the Warranty Deed officially voted upon by 2/3’s residents to sign over to Wasatch County a common lot area upon which the Fire building will be built.  The cost of the station will be approximately $239,000.  The County Attorney, Scott Sweat is reviewing the deed to insure that it meets the legal requirements.  Many folks, including myself are anxious to get the construction of this building under way.

The EMS Director, Doug Murdock and Fire Chief, Earnie Giles have been meeting with the Council to decide just how the new ambulance in Jordanelle will be manned and at what level, including who will be paid whenever emergency runs are made.  When final decisions are made in this matter you and the rest of our good citizens in Wasatch County will be made aware of those decisions. 

At the recent Council meeting the council awarded a cash award to Riley Clyde in the amount of $500 to help defray his expenses at the National Rodeo Championships to be held later this summer.  Riley is the recent Utah State Champion in Bare Back Riding.  Two other local youth placed in the top 10 in Utah and are already at Fallon Rodeo performing.

Also, the Council was given the results of our recent County audit by Hawkins, Cloward and Simister.  The firm found Wasatch County to be clean in our audit with only one suggestion that the county review expenditure accounts greater than $5000 be added to the depreciation schedule.  This will allow the County to trace the depreciation schedule with proper reporting.  Also, the audit showed that in the Sheriffs Department that the same person writing checks, or charging to the debit card not be the same person who deposits, disburses or records these transactions.  This had already been corrected by the Sheriff noting that there was  nothing done that would leave anyone in question as to the handling of said funds.  Now, two different personnel complete these duties.

Last, the Council heard the appeal from Kent Williams owner of a rebuild cabin on lot 48, Plat A, in Soldier Creek Estates who stated he had been billed a second time for the rebuilding of his home, when it had already been paid.  The original building had been completed in 1980.   Mr. Williams purchased the property in 2007 but was billed for the transportation, public safety and parks impact fees.  Apparently he had not clarified that he was only replacing the existing structure.  The Council voted unanimously  to refund these expenses to Mr. Williams. 

Till next time,

Neil Anderton
Wasatch County Council 

BY NEIL ANDERTON   07/12/2010

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