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Mayor's Message July 2011 Heber City Utah

As we move into summer, there are a significant number of projects going on in Heber City:

Airport Snow Removal Building: Construction has begun on a replacement building at the Airport to store snow removal equipment and other machinery. This new building includes expanded storage space and an office for an Airport Manager. The cost of this building is funded 95% by the FAA with the City picking up the remaining five percent.

Crack Seal: Last fall a contract was issued to seal cracks in City streets. Work commenced until winter weather shut down operations and then resumed again this spring. This sealing fills in the cracks and keeps water from penetrating the asphalt which damages the roads. It is one of the least expensive road maintenance procedures done by the City every two to three years. Another part of the City's ongoing road maintenance program is slurry and chip sealing roads every five to six years. The City currently has a project out to bid to slurry and chip seal most of the roads this summer. These treatments seal and extend a road's useful life for a fraction of the cost of replacing roads if they were allowed to deteriorate and nothing was done. In addition to sealing the roads, this project will include reconstructing the asphalt on 1200 South from Main Street to about 600 East, and restriping major roads and parking in the City. Work is expected to begin in July.

Heber Parkway/UDOT 189 (“Daniel Connector”): This project will construct a new road to help relieve some of the congestion occurring at the intersection of Highway 189 and Highway 40. This has been in the planning stages for some time and will connect 1300 South to Daniel Road. The road was previously called the Daniel Connector and when complete, it will be formally named Heber Parkway. The City received a Small Urban grant for approximately $1.0 Million to help construct this road which was about half the amount needed when right-of-way was considered. Fortunately, UDOT announced that it would be widening Highway 189 between Heber City and Charleston, and would be willing to incorporate Heber Parkway into their work if the City contributed their grant money to the project. This is a great opportunity for the City, and will save residents hundreds of thousands of dollars since UDOT is covering the cost of the new road over and above the grant amount. Design is nearly complete andconstruction is anticipated to start later this summer and finish next spring.

Sewer Maintenance – Manhole Sealing: The City has identified numerous sewer manholes in the City that need repair or that show signs of groundwater infiltration. Work will begin soon to repair or seal these manholes and improve the integrity of the sewer system. Construction is expected to begin in August.

Storm Drain & Pond - 650 South: Wasatch County is in the process of widening the north side of 650 South in front of the Event Center. The City is taking advantage of the County's road work to install a master planned storm drain prior to the road’s completion. The storm drain will start at the existing detention pond along School House Way, and then run down 650 South to the Spring Creek Canal. One of the benefits of this project is that it will enhance runoff water quality. Construction is expected to begin in July.

Valley Hills Park – Wall Repair: The City has awarded a contract to repair the tennis court retaining wall that failed some time ago at the Valley Hills Park. While the new wall will be similar to what was there before, the new design incorporates drainage features that will protect it from similar failures in the future. Construction will start in June.

Water Main Replacement – 300 West: A contract will be awarded in the near future for the replacement of five blocks of old and undersized culinary water line: along 300 West from 200 North to 300 South. The City will replace the existing water line in the street, and water services up to the meter box for each home. We have again been fortunate to obtain approximately $150,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to help replace this line, which will cut the cost to the City in half. Construction is expected to begin in late July.

Water Main Replacement - 100 South: Another water line replacement project at 100 South is being coordinated with UDOT. Recently UDOT announced that they would be milling and resurfacing SR113 (100 South) from Heber City to Midway later this summer. This will also include replacing the curb and gutter in Heber City between 100 West and 500 West. The City has evaluated the existing water line in the road and determined that it should be replaced before the road is resurfaced. UDOT is working with Heber to take advantage of cost savings by constructing these projects together. Construction is expected to begin either this fall or early next spring.

We understand that a majority of Heber residents will be affected by these projects this summer. We would ask for your patience with the work and will make every effort to minimize the inconvenience. If you have any questions on any of these projects feel free to contact the City Engineer, Bart Mumford, at 654-0757.


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