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Heber City Theatre Update

Apollo 18 in the Ideal this Friday 9/2 - 9/15. If you have not watched the preview to this movie, it reminds me of Paranormal Activity but on the Moon. Not yet certain what the movie involves, but if you are looking for a way to get out of the house for the evening, it might prove to be right up your alley. I will preview the movie on Thursday afternoon and post an update here on

Movie choices are very slim this time of year as you might have guessed. We try not to bring in Rated R movies to Heber because so few patrons will attend, but on occasion there is one that peaks our interest. The one that has caught our eye this week is "The Debt" staring academy award winner Helen Mirren. This one might be worth seeing. We won't open it, but it might be a possibility for a one week engagement.

Sorry for the delay in getting a copy of "The Help", but we have been pushed off yet again. I guess Disney doesn't want to make any more prints to send to Small Town USA. We still hope to be able to get a copy soon, but we are tired of disappointing our faithful patrons by giving you a date. Please refer to our webpage for the most accurate Heber movie information. Yahoo and other movie information sites don't always get the information right as some of you have experienced in the last couple of weeks, our apologies.

See you at the movies!!

BY JAMES LANE   08/30/2011

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