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A Smoke Belching Time at the Truck and Tractor Pull

On Saturday, August 27th, Heber City hosted a truck show to raise money for a local cancer sufferer and his family. A very worthy cause and a very unique show. After all, where else can you watch a truck named “LaFonda” pull a weight nearly five times her (I assume it’s a “her”) weight? And to be able to do so while munching on hot dogs and kettle corn, well, it doesn’t get much better.

I didn’t understand most of the car modification lingo (most of it boiled down to “Ford” and “really huge engine”, as far as I could tell)—but the modified trucks were as unique as their owners, and rarely failed to give a good show. Belching clouds of black smoke, they tore down the arena until the massive weight attached to their ends dragged them to a halt. Sometimes the trucks would pop wheelies and continue down the track with only their rear wheels firmly planted on the ground; other times they would shudder to a stop with a disturbing noise and a popped axel.

All in all the evening was a little hard on the ears but well worth it for that rush of adrenaline only a roaring engine can bring!


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