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$1.25 a Gallon Fuel Arrives in Heber

Yes all you CNG vehicle owners it has happened the new CNG filling station located at the rear of the One Stop is Now Open!

Natural Gas is a convenient clean burning fuel almost everyone already uses in your homes and businesses for heating and cooking. The gas delivered to your home is low pressure and ready to use in your burners. For automotive use this same gas is compressed to pressures of up to 3600 PSI for increased capacity and compact storage.

Cars equipped to run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) run clean and require fewer oil changes and exhaust maintenance.

As the number of fast fill filling stations increases the popularity of owing a CNG vehicle will quickly follow.

I chose a 1994 Crown Victoria for my first venture into CNG and purchased it off of for $2500.00 and it had only 65,000 miles on it. After driving only 20,000 miles the difference in fuel prices has paid back the purchase price of the car. Now every mile I drive puts money back in my pocket and is building a fund for my next CNG vehicle.

With the increased availability of CNG stations you no longer need to have large trunk hogging CNG tanks to store your fuel and with the option of running a duel fuel system CNG is becoming even more popular. A small 5 or 6 gallon CNG tank for the around town daily driving and keeping the original gasoline tank for trips to the back country and beyond gives you the option of saving money where CNG is available and removing the fear of traveling too far out from a filling station.

There’s a CNG conversion facility right here in Heber Valley, you can give bill a call at 435.503.4937 or you can search around the internet for an already converted CNG vehicle on website like or

Happy Travels!

BY RHETT SPENCER   08/30/2011

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