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CSF Sponsored a Heber City Council Candidate Forum

Cornerstone Of Freedom sponsored a Heber City Council candidate forum on Thursday, AUgust, 25th at the Senior Center. The event was well attended. Of the ten candidates running for office, eight were able to participate that night. Each candidate shared their background information and why they wanted to run for City Council. All of the candidates were asked to give a response to questions asked by the audience. Most agreed that the economy and stimulating revenue for the City were top priorities. When asked if they would raise taxes, all the candidates said that now was not the time to raise them. Brian Berg, Jeff Bradshaw, Murl Rawlins, Dennis Robert all agreed that if needed they would probably raise taxes when economic times were better. Robert Patterson felt that taxes need to be raised now and explained his reasons. David Remington, Erik Rowland, and Tracy Taylor felt that taxes should never be raised, but that revenue could be increased to meet the needs of the city. One question that the candidates split their opinions on was whether or not councilman should be paid for sitting on other advisory boards. Jeff Bradshaw, Murl Rawlins, Dennis Roberts were comfortable with compensation. Robert Patterson didn't care one way or the other. The rest of the candidates, Brian Berg, David Remington, Erik Rowland, and Tracy Taylor felt there was no need to be compensated. None felt that councilman should be department heads but that communication between the council and departments was important. Another question that was important was should City Money be given or loaned to private entities. Most thought it was in our interest to do so while others suggested that we look to the Tourism and Chamber of Commerce for monetary support in those private entities.

When asked what one thing, they would cut if elected, all but one answered the proposed addition of a financial officer, Tracy Taylor proposed to cut the 500,000 that has been set aside for a new city building. Jerry Duke and Nile Horner were not able to particpate in the forum. Early voting starts Ausust 30, at the County Building.

BY CAMMIE NEBEKER   09/02/2011

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