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Candidate Heber City Council - Erik Rowland

Erik was taught the values of hard work and self-reliance at a very early age. His dedication and discipline as a student earned him scholarships to Westminster College, Dixie State College and the University of Utah.

Upon graduating with honors from college, Erik spent nearly a decade working in software development and business consulting. He's helped hundreds of businesses expand and develop new jobs by lowering costs through strategic business planning. After developing a number of successful software applications for a variety of businesses, Erik became interested in going into business for himself. In 2004, Erik along with his business partner officially opened their doors. His company has since expanded to where it now helps companies located across the nation reach much higher levels of efficiency and cost savings.

Erik has enjoyed many years of providing service to the community. Most recently Erik has served for the last two years on the Airport Advisory Board. It was while serving in this position that Erik became familiar with some of the inner workings of Heber City's government. Consequently he was able to identify a number of areas that could be improved upon. Some of those areas include more support for local businesses, better communication between the residents and city officials as well as higher levels of inner-office efficiency. Consequently, when the opportunity arose, Erik decided to run for a City Council seat.

Erik knows that his platform of responsible taxation, better communication and a more efficient government is what Heber City needs in order to get back on track. When elected, Erik promises to bring a vision to Heber that will give every reason for each of us to feel excited about our city's future. You can read more about Erik and his platform at his campaign website -

BY ERIK ROWLAND   10/17/2011

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