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Counselors Strengthen Student Resolve

To assist students in their efforts to avoid underage drinking, Wasatch School District counselors have developed a program called There is an APP for that. An APP is an Activity that Promotes Prevention. RMMS, Wasatch High, and the Health Department join together as sponsors to fight underage drinking. The counselors have set a goal to help students identify other activities they can participate in the community.

Throughout the year monthly activities are held during lunch. Parents are encouraged to talk with their students and encourage them to pledge to be alcohol free. Statistically, parental disapproval is the number one reason kids don't drink. More information about underage drinking and how to talk to students can be found at

Students at Rocky Mountain Middle School had the opportunity to pledge to not drink alcohol while underage and were encouraged to find other activities that are healthy and fun. On Monday, October 10th, with the help of the PTA, the counselors had each student complete a short survey about underage drinking, fill out a pledge card, and sign a poster. After doing these things each student received an APP button. The students are proud of their buttons and can be found wearing them on their backpacks around the school.

The next day, students celebrated the "APP" and all the pledges that were made by participating in rock wall climbing, geo-caching and a popcorn party. There will be many more great APP activities throughout the school year.

BY JOHN MOSS   10/30/2011

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