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Wasatch School District APP Keeps Public Informed

These two APPs help patrons of Wasatch School District stay informed and are available on both the iTunes store (for ipod and iPhone) and on the Android Marketplace. By using the APPs, individuals can follow the news of the schools their children attend. It is also possible to listen to Wasatch High School sporting events on your wireless device. Because the APPs are internet based, the sports broadcasts are available anywhere you can receive the internet on your smart phone. Currently, over 500 individuals are participating with the APPs. Wasatch School District is one of the first school districts in the country to use both an information APP as well as a broadcasting APP to provide services to the community.
"We are always looking for ways to increase public participation in the education process" said Wasatch County School Board President Ann Horner. When the idea for an "APP" came up, we looked long and hard at it and decided that our patrons could benefit from something like this.

The APP is designed to work on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It is also available for Android phones as well.

Parents, students and others who have interest in schools in the Wasatch School District receive alerts whenever stories about that school are posted to the APP. Photos are also a part of this process, so more images will be made available to those interested in specific stories. The choice could also be made to receive notifications about the district as a whole or something as specific as sports.

"We are hoping that this is just the beginning as we find new ways to tell our story to the public" said Mrs. Horner. "As technology moves forward, we want to use the sources that we have to help the community understand more of what it is we are trying to accomplish. We feel that this APP is another step forward in this direction."

A second APP has also been created to allow patrons to listen to radio broadcasts of Wasatch sports. The capability has been developed to allow two separate broadcasts, allowing for a "professional" level broadcast on one channel and a "developmental" broadcast on the other. Also, in the event that two varsity events are happening at the same time, it is possible to broadcast both events simultaneously.

There is no cost to download or use the Wasatch School District apps. Currently, over 500 downloads of the apps have occurred. Currently, users in over 30 countries have downloaded and used the Wasatch School District apps. In addition, scores of listeners have been using the radio app to follow the Wasatch football team this season.

To download the Apps, go to the iTunes store or the Android Market and search for *Wasatch Radio"or "Wasatch News" (the "Wasatch News" App will be available for Android shortly.) Once downloaded to your phone or iPad, you will automatically receive the updates sent out by the district.

For more information about how to download or use the apps, call John Moss at Wasatch High School at 654-0640

BY JOHN MOSS   10/30/2011

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