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BMX Competition Reveals Real Winner

LEFT Trevor Russell sails over the fence and out of the skate park during his dramatic finish that helped him win the first Wasatch High School BMX competition. Trevor won the high school division title.

RIGHT Trevor Russell and Josh Abbott, winners of the senior and junior divisions of the recent BMX competition, proudly lift their new bicycles over their heads. Shortly after this picture was taken, Trevor gave his bike away to a young man who had had his bike stolen.

Last Tuesday, Principal Kelly hosted his first BMX competition at Wasatch High School, as he continues to reach out to all sections of the Wasatch High School student body. The winner of the contest would win a BMX bike, donated by Slim and Knobby*s, a local bike shop.

Several students entered the competition, which was held at the local skate park. Friends and parents came to enjoy the performance and at the end of the competition, Wasatch Sophomore, Trevor Russell was named as the winner. He had performed extremely well, with his final trick being a 360 degree somersault which actually landed over the fence and outside of the park. The crowd loved the talent and showmanship.

As Principal Kelly brought out the new bike and presented it to Trevor, the young man graciously thanked him and then turned and pushed the bike over to the crowd, where he presented it to Tyler Heesch, one of the parents watching. Trevor then said, *Please give this to your son. I want him to have it.*

*I was stunned,* said Principal Kelly. *This was a nice bike that he had won and he generously passed it on to his young friend.*

When people realized what had happened, Trevor was pressed for an explanation.

*I knew Ethan*s bike had been stolen and he was very upset about it,* said Trevor. *I jut thought that he would enjoy having this new one.*

*Some people have made the comment that * was nice to see him do the right thing,** said Principal Kelly. *What Trevor did was so far above the *right* thing, that I couldn*t let it go. The *right* thing was for him to keep the bike. He had won it. It was his. Instead, he went far above the *right* thing to an amazingly generous level as he gave his prize to a friend.*

*We have had such an outstanding example of the mind-set that we are hoping to develop in our students with this program,* said Principal Kelly. *Trevor Russell has set a standard that all of us, students and adults alike, can learn from.*

"This has been quite an experience to watch a young man do something so generous," said Principal Kelly. "We wanted to let him know how much we respect him for his actions." Slim and Knobby's replaced the bike Trevor generously gave away with a store credit for the same value. Principal Kelly presented him with a new iPod.

BY JOHN MOSS   10/30/2011

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