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Wasatch Schools honor Veterans

Cub Scouts at Heber Valley Elementary present the colors before the Veterans Day program. Veterans stand to be honored at the beginning of Heber Valley Elementary School's program held to honor those who have served in the armed forces

Students around Wasatch County paused for some time on Friday morning to honor their veterans who have served to protect America. While services in the schools varied from building to building, the bottom line was always the same: Thank you for your sacrifice and for providing us the safety America offers.

Heber Valley Elementary had more than thirty veterans on hand for their service. Fathers, mothers, grandfathers, uncles and friends of students were all represented as those who had served their country came to celebrate what to earlier generations had been known as "Armistice Day" before being renamed "Veterans Day" midway through the 20th Century.

"Watching these children honor these veterans just makes my heart hurt," said an obviously emotional Principal Jacki Burnham before the service. What she spoke of was the respectful awe shown by the students to their guests. Each child came dressed in his/her Sunday best to show respect to their guests.

The students were extremely well behaved as they waited for the flag ceremony, led by cub scouts from their school, to start the program. Each veteran was asked to stand and, as introductions were made, students* heads swiveled back and forth so that they wouldn't miss seeing one of their guests.

"This was a great opportunity for our children to have direct contact with those of past generations who have been so willing to make personal sacrifices to make sure that our country remains free and that the rights of others around the world are protected as well," said Principal Burnham. "These are some of the best lessons that our children can learn as they have the opportunity to meet and rub shoulders will real home-grown heroes."

BY JOHN MOSS   11/21/2011

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