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As I drove down Hiway 13, directly opposite Spring Square, I observed a young woman lying prone iin the middle of the street, a broken bicycle nearby.  A gray SUV was stopped on the east side of the street about 100 feet away.  Evidently the accident had just occurred since the only persons on the scene were a few passersby.  The woman was not moving; as the crowd gathered the police responded to the call and took charge of the traffic and emergency aid.  A group of women from nearby offices at Spring Square were discussing the accident and said it appeared that the bicyclist (name as yet unknown) tried to pass a truck and colllided with an oncoming SUV.  This, of course, had not been officially verified. 

This accident should be another example of how we, as residents of this county, should continually be aware of the dangers which await us on the highway.  Look all directions, pass only when it's safe and legal, be willing to share the highway with all vehicles and pedestrians.  It's up to us to make a difference.  Anyone of us could find ourselves in a serious situation which can devastate our lives and the lives of others.  Be alert!  Be aware!

BY IRENE HASTINGS   07/29/2010

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