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Enough is Enough! Heber Light and Power Board Approves a $20,000+ Board Member Pay Raise

Enough is Enough!

Elected Official have historically served on subsidiary boards with no, or a token, payment. They are paid for their official duties and are, or should be, aware of both the duties AND the pay before they were elected.

In recent year, the trend has been to offer pay for board service. This decision has NOT been made by those paying the bill, but by those receiving the money. In particular, early last year the governing board of Heber Light and Power was being paid $400 or so for one meeting a month.

Late last year, the board approved an effective pay raise to $20,000 to $30,000 per year.

This increase should be rescinded immediately and better yet, anywhere possible, board membership should be returned to the (non elected) service oriented residents. Many would be willing to do so if invited. Government of the people, by the people and for the people

Enough is Enough A petition has been posted here for those asking HL & P to rescind their unwarranted pay increase.

If more Information is needed on the issue, click on these links:

Detail information and commentary IMPACT Radio Discussion (audio, mp3 file)

Click Here to sign the petition

The Petition
Whereas, Late last year some members of the Heber Light and Power governing board, decided to provide themselves with fully paid health insurance or the option to receive an equivalent amount in payment.

Whereas, The Board is constituted of self appointed elected officials.

Whereas, The total cost of this benefit is estimated to be in excess of $150,000 annually, which will be paid by the users of the service.

Whereas, This amount will be paid from either excess charge already received or a future increase in utility rates.

Whereas, While portrayed as a health "benefit," the 'option' indicates this is simply a substantial pay increase (possibly disguised as a tax free benefit).

We, the citizens of the Heber Valley, hereby call on the HL&P Board to rescind this decision and return to proper fiscal policies of conservative operation for the public service which the utility is supposed to be.


Current Board members:
Dave Phillips, Chair (Heber City)(654-0574,
Mike Kohler (Wasatch Co.) (654-2300,
John Whiting (Charleston)(654-2343,
Connie Tatton (Midway) (654-2416,
Jeff Bradshaw (Heber City)(
Robert Patterson (Heber City) (654-2648,

The decision was made by an affirmative vote of the previous Board. Members Kohler and MacDonald were absent but have expressed disapproval.

Alan McDonald was recently replaced. Prior member Benny Mergist has also been replaced.


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