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Wall Street Journal Reports On Two Local Heber Businessmen

Anthony Sutera and Rhett Spencer both of Heber City, along with two other co-founders Kristin Raffone-Vasquez and Eric Hernandez are heating up the internet with the announcement of their new technology based, start up company ChamTech and its RF enabling products

Over the last 2 years, the company developed a new, nano-technology product (spray on antenna solution) that focused on providing stealth communication options allowing for hiding in plain sight missions. The goal was to have a product that could function at hopefully 75% of a standard antenna’s performance. However, after rigorous testing by various government and civilian groups, they discovered that not only did the new antenna technology perform as well as standard antennas; it exceeded them in every test! Antennas that worked only a few feet, produced signal 700 feet out after applying the product.

Tony Sutera, CEO of ChamTech, was invited to speak at Google’s “Solve For X”. After Google released the video to the last Wednesday to the public, the company is no longer under the radar. Blogs and articles about this new Utah technology is viral across the internet and newspapers, with the first article put out by the Wall Street Journal.

The product produces measurable and significant improvement over standard antennas, with less loss and more distance. Additionally, it can be added to current antennas to produce better results, or designed into future products. Tests have included car antennas, cell phones, medical applications, as well as undersea communications. The ideas and potential applications seem limitless.

BY .INFO STAFF   02/14/2012

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