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Alan McDonald Returns Money to Heber Light & Power

Last month I notified Heber Light & Power of my intention to return any money that I had received as a result of the board's controversial decision to increase their compensation. I announced my intentions to the City Council via email after I informed the company of the impending refund, and at that time I called on the City Council to take whatever actions we could to voice our discontent from our positions on the Council.

"To Heber City Council:

We are all aware of the HL&P health benefits package and the extra compensation that has been given to the city council. I am informing the city council that I am returning the portion of the money that I have received due to this health benefits package back to HL&P. What you decide to do with your portion is up to you.

I would like to make a statement to the council concerning boards and committees that the city council members have been appointed to.

When a city council member has been asked to fill an appointed position on a board or committee, they represent the whole governing body of the city, and should act in the best interest of the city. Their actions, or in-actions, must reflect the position of the governing body and not their own personal interests. We do not serve on these committees and boards due to any personal achievement of our own, rather we serve in these positions because the Mayor has asked us to represent the governing body of Heber City.

With that in mind, I feel the governing body should make a decision concerning the HL&P board health benefits package as a body, and voice that opinion through our representatives on the board. I ask the City Council representatives on the HL&P board to reconsider the actions taken by some of the HL&P board members in November and remove from the amendments of HL&P Employee and Exempt Employee Manual the health benefit that the board members receive. I would like the City Council to resolve to a vote on how the city and the governing body should be represented on the board by the council's representatives.

I vote to rescind this health care benefit that has been extended to the HL&P Board members. I respect each of you and your position concerning the best interests of the council and the city. But we need to make it clear to the public and to HL&P board what the city council's position is on this issue.

What each council member does with the money that they have received is up to each individual, but I recommend that council members return all monies received from this action."

BY ALAN MCDONALD   02/22/2012

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