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Truth Behind the Late Night Speed Up Your Computer Commercials

Do those online scans and free apps really speed up your computer?

The short answer is maybe.

It really depends on why your computer is running slow in the first place. These programs correct issues in your Registry which can become corrupt or cluttered over time. Registry errors can waste computer resources and cause some really weird errors.

However, you need to be careful with “Free” programs advertised on TV. They are spending a lot of money advertising, so they need to make a lot of money. Many of them will create panic by showing a free report that says it found thousands of errors, then charge you to correct them. Most of those errors won't make a noticeable difference anyways.

I do recommend a free app, but first a few things you need to know about any registry cleaner. If your computer is running fine, don't run it. They can actually make things worse, especially if you have specialized programs or custom networking settings. Some will run in the background and actually slow your computer down. Also, make sure you are backed up first.

The free application I recommend is CCleaner by This app will delete temporary files from multiple programs, clean your registry, and allow you to turn off start up programs.

You may or may not notice a difference in your computer's performance. Even if you do keep in mind there are many things that can also slow down your computer, such as viruses, driver errors, hardware errors, settings, overtaxed components, corrupt files, and more. A registry cleaner is just one tool.

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BY BRYAN BRESNAN   08/17/2012

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