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Swiss Days Honored Citizens Dennis and Georgia Dawn Clegg

The Midway Booster are pleased to announce the annual Honored Citizens for 2012. They are Dennis and Georgia Dawn Clegg. They will be honored at the Midway Sunrise Patriotic Service to be held Wednesday the 4th of July at Midway Town Square. The program begins at 7:00 AM with music and speaker, followed with a Pioneer Breakfast. They will also be honored at the annual Midway Swiss Days Celebration August 31st - September 1st.

Midway has been the home of this couple for many years, and they have a great and abiding love for the beautiful valley and town. Ancestors of both Dennis and Georgia Dawn were early settlers in the valley, helping to build it and to raise their families here, contributing much to the present spirit of the this good place.

Dennis was born in Heber City to Almon and Geneva Dennison Clegg. He grew up and attended school here and was an excellent student. He learned to play the trumpet early and was a member of the band all through his school years. Dennis directed choirs and conducted music in all the places the couple has lived. He regularly is call upon to play TAPS at the graveside services throughout the valley, a service he is honored to give.

Georgia Dawn was born to George and Jennie Pyper Johnson. Her parents and both sets of grandparents made their home and raised their families in Midway. While in school, she become proficient in typing, shorthand, and bookkeeping. Skills she has used throughout her life. Georgia Dawn was the scribe for Stake Patriarch Ralph Giles, typing and recording hundreds of blessings. After their children were grown she worked as a receptionist at the Wasatch Medical Clinic for 26 years.

It was in high school, that Dennis and Georgia Dawn met; in Eva Wilson's English class. It wasn't exactly “love at first sight” but because “this girl” had laughed at his book report, which was not funny at all, it began a friendship which blossomed into love.

Dennis attended BYU where he studied history and geography. After a year of schooling. he received his mission call to Texas/Louisiana serving there for the next two years. In the meantime, Georgia Dawn was employed by Wasatch County as Deputy Clerk and Recorder during her senior year and after graduation took evening classes at BYU. In time she also received a mission call, the North Central States Mission, serving in Minnesota and Ontario, Canada and serving for a time as secretary to the Mission President.

After returning from their missions they were married in the Salt Lake Temple by President Spencer W. Kimball. In August of this year, they will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. Dennis returned to classes at BYU, until he was drafted into the US Army, and deployed to Heidelberg, Germany, where he worked in the Army Signal Corps communication center, decoding and sending messages all over Europe. Georgia Dawn was able to join him in Heidelberg, where they had many great experiences traveling throughout countries there.

Upon their return to beautiful Midway, Dennis built the house they now live in and returned to BYU. Dennis received a Bachelor's Degree in history and Geography and also a Masters Degree. Dennis taught at Wasatch Junior High and High School for 34 years. He served on the Midway City Council for 12 years and also as president of Midway Boosters. Both Dennis and Georgia Dawn were members of the Swiss Chorus for many years, (Dennis for 50 years), and were part of the the Handbell Choir for many years as well. They both love the excitement and fun of the yearly Swiss Days Celebration working in the booths, etc. They did miss two years when they lived in Nauvoo, Illinois where they served as full-time Temple Missionaries. Presently, they work in the Provo Utah Temple, serving there for nearly 20 years.

Their 6 children: Jeanine Clegg, Carol and William Poulter, Keith and Carol Clegg, Jonathan and Julie Clegg, Melvin James, and James and Calleen Clegg enjoyed growing up in Midway. With 23 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren, there are 13 Eagle Scouts, and 23 have served missions for the LDS church.

When asked if they have spent all their lives in Midway, their response was “NOT YET ! We hope to spend the rest of our lives among the wonderful people in Midway, the best place on earth.”


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