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Counterfeit $20.00 Bills

Heber City Police

The Police Department has received several reports of counterfeit $20.00 bills being circulated in our area.  We would like to encourage businesses to watch carefully for this problem.  The bills circulating have been of poor enough quality that they can be spotted.  A small investment in counterfeit detection pens can help with this.

We would like to forward on the following tip received from the Utah Department of Public Safety  Division of Homeland Security:

A big part of summer for many people is attending fairs and festivals. There are always fun things to see and experience, including art work, music, games, and rides. One of the biggest draws to these events is the many different types of foods and drinks available.  Because foodborne illnesses increase during the summer months, it is even more important to follow food safety steps.

What should a consumer consider before buying food from a vendor?

Does the vendor have a clean/tidy workstation?  Does the vendor have a sink for employees to wash their hands?  Do the employees wear gloves or use tongs when handling food?  Does the vendor have refrigeration on site for raw ingredients or pre-cooked foods?   Has the vendor been inspected?

Have family members wash their hands often and/or bring hand sanitizers or disposable wipes.  Most of all have a safe, fun and healthy summer!

BY JASON BRADLEY   08/10/2010

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