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Sin City Soul to headline July 4 2013 Farmers Market

The idea of Sin City Soul started  roughly 10 years ago. Mark, the drummer and Dude, the bass player met while each transitioning in and out of The Motherlode Canyon Band. They spoke of the love for the music of New Orleans and vowed to start a band that played some of those funky tunes. The plan was to find fun people that shared that thought and just wanted to play music together all the time. 10 years later Sin City Soul is that result.  Sin City Soul is:  Alicia Faith, Vocals: Allen Mautner, Guitar: John Flanders, Sax/ keyboards: Mark Schumacher, Drums:  Scott "Dude" Dudevoir, Bass.


Sin City Soul was founded in June of 2008 by Mark Schumacher and Scott Dudevoir. The vision was to play really great songs that few had heard of with a style that varied from New Orleans R&B to modern songs with soul. The early days of Sin City Soul started with Ingrid Kapfhammer on vocals and Jake Dreier on guitar. Soon after, the band found the talents of multi instrumentalist John Flanders and Steve Lindeman on keys. It was a good start. After a year or so Jake was too busy with opening a restaurant with his new wife and in stepped Forrest Greene, a very talented guitarist from Florida. Forrest fit well for two years until he announced he was moving to Austin, Texas to play music full time. Ingrid also left to pursue her fashion career at the same time. You can still catch Forrest locally with Bonanza Town. He never moved. He was replaced with Allen Mautner almost immediately. Allen brought great creativity to the band and is responsible for the original recordings Sin City Soul has today. The audition process started for a new vocalist. John Flanders had played with a woman named Alicia Faith before and he suggested she audition for the band. It was a very short audition. She has an amazing voice and completed the Sin City Soul roster you see today.


Sin City Soul has played all along the Wasatch front including The Deer Valley Amphitheater, La Caille, The Spur, The Montage, The Egyptian Theater and is available for private functions. Upcoming shows prior to July 4th include The Spur on June 21st and The Deer Valley Amphitheater on June 26th. Currently the band is booked for private shows in July.


Sin City Soul is working towards releasing a cd of mostly originals by spring of 2014. For now they just want to enjoy playing live music in the beautiful Rocky Mountain West. You can find Sin City Soul on Facebook or

BY RHETT SPENCER   07/01/2013

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