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Lee Music Invites Community to Celebrate 10th Birthday

   Lee Music will be throwing its 10th Birthday Party at the Heber City Park on Saturday, August 14 from 6 pm to 9 pm. This celebration is free and open to anyone in the community who has an interest in music.

“This is an opportunity for us to give back to the community and say thank you,” says Winston Lee, owner of Lee Music. “It says a lot about a community when they value music even in rough economic times and this is a fantastic community to work with - the students have great attitudes, my music instructors are my friends and family members and all of them are enthusiastic and passionate.”

Although many students, their families, as well as past students and other people in the community can’t say enough about the valuable contribution of Lee Music, including supporting the schools in their music programs, Winston continues to give full credit for his success to the support of the community.

Winston, who has been teaching private music lessons for eighteen years, never planned to open a music store. As he describes it, it evolved naturally and organically, not on purpose. Winston, a music progeny, grew up in Midway and began studying music at BYU at the age of eight. He was competing in piano competitions by the age of (insert age here). He earned a piano performance music degree at Utah State University and then went on to earn a degree in music education. He currently teaches Orchestra at Rocky Mountain Middle School and owns Lee Music, a music school and store, in Heber City.

Winston’s father, (insert name here), owned ‘House of Fine Art’, an art studio in Midway for (number of years here) and Winston started teaching piano lessons in a back room. His brother, Russell, started teaching guitar lessons. The back room soon became a music studio where Winston, his brother Russell and a couple of their friends started teaching piano, guitar, clarinet, sax and piano lessons on a regular basis.

“We didn’t advertise or try to get students,” explains Winston. “People just kept coming to us and asking for lessons until we had too many students and we needed another place to accommodate the demand.”

Winston relates how they moved into their current location ten years ago and only offered music lessons. People would request sheet music, instruments and other musical accessories and he would try to accommodate them. Soon his music school had evolved into a music store.

“The demand for music lessons and supplies grew really fast from the year 2000 when I first opened up until about 2008. Then, like everyone else, we took a hit with the economic crisis and lost about half our students,” says Winston. “But things have been steadily picking up again and we have a good solid base of students again.”

“We would like to invite anyone in the community who has an interest in music to celebrate with us on Saturday,” says Winston. “We are featuring a line up of performers, including some of the local school teachers like Chris Bala and Lance Gritten. We’ll have some of the teachers who work here at Lee Music performing and others in the community who are music enthusiasts. And of course, we’ll have some students and past students performing, too.”

There will be karaoke and an open mic so that anyone in the community who wants to participate can get up and perform. Children are especially encouraged to sing karaoke and all those who participate will have opportunities to win prizes. The Lee Music Birthday Celebration starts at 6 pm at the Heber City Park on Saturday, August 13 with live music performances, prizes, fun, games and karaoke for the whole family. It is a free event and open to the public.

BY WENDY MAIR   08/11/2010

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