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Wasatch County Council 8/13/2010

Wasatch County Update

It has been several weeks since giving an update of what’s happening at the county level.  I would like to say right off that last week being Wasatch County Fair Day’s was a big success.  The council has received many e-mails and verbal compliments about the new rodeo grand stand and arena.  It was nice to have both the participants and crowd members comment on the excellent conditions of the seating and the soil conditions in which the contestants participated.  Also the Fireworks show was outstanding.   
This past week the Council met and passed several things that will have a big impact on the way we do things in the county.

First, the appointment of Tyler Edwards to the Charleston Water Conservancy Board.  The Council supported County Manager, Mike Davis recommendation of this appointment.

The second item was the discussion of the Timber Lakes Fire Station.  County Attorney, Scott Sweat stated he had signed off on the proposed easement area and Warranty Deed and had forwarded it to the Home Owners attorney, Paul Mortensen to sign off and then have the Association President, Craig Allen sign the document.  This is needed before the county can proceed with the project.  Also, the Council directed Mike Davis to do what was needed for the County to proceed in using impact fees from their capital improvements funds. 

The third item concerned the EMS/Fire dispatch protocol.  This has been somewhat confusing to some in both departments and the Council wanted this cleared up ASAP.  So, direction was given to the Advisory Board of the EMS to discuss how protocol will be done in the future.  This board will meet on Tuesday August 10th.  They indicated that they would have a recommendation ready for the Council to consider on Wednesday August 11th.

In the August 11th meeting the Council met to discuss several important issues.  The Discussion/consideration on land swapp between the Forest Service and Ken Petey was continued indefinitely. 

The Council heard from Jeff Schramm who presented concerning the use of funds from the Secure Rural School [SRS] or RAC program which is being organized to hire youth called the YCC group.  Apparently there are 20 seasonal jobs available whereby they will be organized with 5 youth and an adult supervisor.  There is $110,000 available where 60 K can be used for the youth to assist in doing noxious weed or road improvement work.  No youth groups will be allowed to work on any fuel reduction projects this due to safety factors. 

The EMS advisory board brought back to the Council their recommendation of the protocol to be followed in emergency situations.

The Council approved the following proposal:  When medical assistance or accident calls are needed, calls will be dispatched to all providers.  This includes Jordanelle and all EMS.  If the County EMS needs Jordanelle assistance in the lower valley they will be dispatched as well.  That all EMS personnel, both from Jordanelle station and County EMS be dispatched. 

Regarding extrication both the Fire and County EMS extrication units be dispatched  when needed.  Both will respond and the Fire extrication unit will bring a charged hose.  This procedure will be in effect until January 2011.  After this date of January 2011, all extrication units will be directed to Wasatch County Fire Department.  Wasatch County EMS will no longer respond for extrication. 

For the purpose of billing and purchasing for both EMS and Fire they will Coordinate this through Wasatch County.  Restocking of the ambulances will be done through Wasatch County. 

For the time being Clair Provost will serve as EMS Director and coordinate EMS activity and work with the Fire District and coordinate EMS activity within Wasatch County. 

This policy procedure will be followed and adjusted as needed.  It was felt between now and January 2011 that we will be able to determine just how well this procedure works. 

The last item addressed was the awarding of bids for the completion of the Stalls building at the event center.  At least three bids were considered for this project and the lowest bid for the foundation was awarded to Jerry Davis Construction in the amount of $165,996.26.  Also, Staker Parsons Company was awarded the lowest bid for the Parks and Rec. Center to complete the parking lot.  This was $74,532.  So much for what’s been happening during these past two weeks.

Until next time,  Neil Anderton Wasatch County Council 

BY NEIL ANDERTON   08/13/2010

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