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EMS Update Wasatch County Council August 18 2010

Wasatch County Council News


There must be something in the summer air around Wasatch County.  It appears that rumors seem to prevail more than facts.  I am of course referring to the  rumor that some of the Council members are asking for the resignation of our County Manager, Mike Davis.  This is unfounded and seems to come from other sources within the community. 

Also, the rumor that our EMS Medical Director, Doug Murdock will be terminated is a bit premature.  True, there are some things that need to be worked out between EMS  and the county and hopefully this can be done.  It has to do with working relationships and protocol rather than the medical competency of anyone within EMS.  Doug Murdock is one of the most competent emergency doctors that can found anywhere.  So much for this matter and in the end I hope things can be worked out.  I will keep you all posted on this subject since it will impact everyone within our county.

The Council addressed three very important items on it’s agenda this past week.  The bids for the fair ground building was presented and the Council accepted the lower bid from C O Building Systems in the amount of 355,153.00.  This is considerably less than the bid from Owell Precast Co. who bid 525,250.00 on the same project. This is a savings of 171,000 to the citizens of Wasatch Co.  When yours truly asked about the E-verify from the successful bidder we were told that this company is known and there is no question about their personnel not being legal.  Further, they can pass the E-Verify test. 

The second item considered was the approval of the COG. [County of Government]  including all municipalities within Wasatch Co.  priority list of road projects.  The COG had met earlier in the week and had approved the list of projects and the procedure that needed to adhered to in the whole process.  Some of the projects included the by-pass road, 650 So and many other projects. The second step was for the County Council to approve this list, which we did and than prioritize the projects with the final approval coming from the COG members.  It needs to be mentioned that this road corridor fund has grown to $817,000 and can only be used for those listed road projects.      

There are a total of 28 projects and are divided into 4 different phases.  Mountainland Association of Governments has provided much input into the forming of the local corridor preservation fund and has guided the elected officials in the application for the funds.  Shaun Sager has been instrumental in this endeavor, and a big thanks goes to him for his help.  We will move forward with the COG group next month to prioritize the projects and what phase they each will fit into for future growth.  

The 3rd item addressed by the Council was the approval of recovery bond allocation money.  The amount in this fund is 6.7 million and helps businesses bring new industry to the area.  Plus this allows for bringing new employment opportunities to our county.  The Council had already approved 1 million to Chey who will remodel the old Nitro Pack building.

Russ Watts of Watts enterprises presented his project named  Berkshire Commons and will provide housing for seniors plus an additional17 memory units in an area adjacent to the County Library.  He requested 1.6 million and was approved for 1 million.  His project partnered by The Wentworth Group of SLC will cost 8,900.000 when completed.

Nate Sargent of Miro Industries  Inc. a company which gives roof support is to be located in the Industrial Park requested 1 million for his project.  They were approved for this same amount. 

Scott Davis and Chad Jones were represented by Paul Berg of a project at the old high school.  This would redevelop the majority of the school providing a 60-90 hotel like residence, a 4 plex movie theater, a restaurant, office and retail places promoting cultural events.  This request was in the amount of 3.7 million and was approved.  This project will need to be contracted with Wasatch School District before they can proceed.

The final thing that needs to be reported is the aquatics  center committee, headed up by Dr. Greg Taylor.  They are working toward getting this on the ballot in 2012 based upon the outcome of the Dan Jones survey results.  The cost of building this structure needs to be worked out and then how to pay the yearly O&M costs needs to be carefully addressed due to the estimated costs. 

I shall keep everyone posted on the EMS/Fire issues. 

BY NEIL ANDERTON   08/22/2010

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