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Swiss Miss Press Tour

2010 Swiss Miss Press Tour
September 2, 2010, It all started at 4:30 AM when the alarms started going off and we  began to get ready for our "Swiss Days media blitz".

The first stop a shoot at Fairmont Park with Casey Scott of Channel 2 (CBS affiliate). Casey is a SPAZZ and is know for being outrageous. We met him at 6:30, it was still kind of dark and quite cold (about 50 degrees F). We brought him some lederhosen which he put on without a shirt...AND he wore flip-flops over his knee socks! He was hilarious, and was adorable with the girls and made us all laugh!

We shared the interview time with the people from the "Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Trials"  and it all worked out very well.

Then it was on to the Radio stations...8 total!

Then we were finally on to our final stop, Channel 5 (NBC affiliate) to appear on their morning show, "Studio 5". The girls were pre-recorded just before the beginning of the show, outside, doing their 2 numbers. The Video clips were shown 3 times during the show and we talked to the hosts about what to expect at Swiss Days. It went very well.

It was an exhausting day, but such a great day as well. The Swiss Miss were real professionals! They never complained about being tired or cold, they smiled, performed perfectly and were charming to be around. When you come up to Swiss Days and see them, please be sure to stop by and tell them hello and if you saw them on TV, please let them know...this was HUGE to them!

BY MARY COLOVICH   09/02/2010

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