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Wasatch County Council Sept 4, 2010

Wasatch County Council News

Much has happened since my last report and perhaps I can help clear up some of the rumors flying around the county.

This week the Council first considered the request of Carolyn Andrea of Wallsburg a conditional use permit of a wrecking yard on South Hwy 40.  Ms. Andrea prefers it to be called a pre-dismantling shop where cars are brought for dismantling and parts shipped nation wide. The location has been used in the past for basically a shop for vehicles.  The land is for sale now.  During the discussion it was mentioned by our county planner, Al Mickelson, that there are only 3-4 areas in Wasatch County that are zoned as industrial zoning and none have it written in the county code that they can be used for this purpose, that of wrecking or dismantling vehicles.  Yours truly brought up the fact that in order to change zoning in Wasatch County that the proposal needs to be made in July before the Council can act upon it in November of any given year. 

It was mentioned to the Council that the legislative body may act in an emergency if something occurs whereby it affects citizens and puts them at risk or safety is a concern.  It wasn’t learned until two days later by me that this particular land is situated within two different zones, A-1 and A-20.  The motion was made, seconded and passed to table this matter and for the county planner to work with the county attorney to determine if a conditional use for this type of business can be set up without going through the zoning change.  As I look at this now 3 days after the discussion it is much more complicated than it appears on the surface.  By making a zoning change in one industrial area would allow for this type of business to legally operate in any of the industrial areas.  There is a big question in my mind if this request can be done on a conditional basis in the area suggested.

The second matter considered by the Council on Wednesday was the process of allocating impact fees be paid from the capitol improvement funds to build the Timber Lakes Fire Station.  Mike Davis, County Manager indicated he was working on this and would keep the process moving forward.  The warranty deed has been deeded over to the county with the easements addressed and recorded.  We who live in Timber Lakes are anxious to get this building started and constructed.  

The 1st item on the managers report was the consideration for adoption of a resolution authorizing the issuance and sale of $4,000,000 million aggregate amount of general obligation refunding bonds, series 2010.  What this means is a bond of this type may be re-issued if it is advantageous to the borrower.  Zion’s Bank presented the Council with the resolution to reduce the interest rate from 4.8 % to a reduced rate of 2.25 %.  The time will not be extended beyond the original pay off date of 2022.  The Council passed the resolution of authorizing Zion’s Bank to re-issue 3,600,000.  The original bond was 8,500,000.  The administrative fees would amount to 45,000.  However, the savings to Wasatch County and its citizens would be 200,000.  This resolution seemed to be a no brainer. It passed unanimously. 

The next item from the manager’s report was the EMS update with the intention of introducing the newly hired EMS Medical Director. Dr. Chris Kemp head of ER at Park City Hospital was presented as the new director.  He was unable to attend the meeting due to other obligations.  He was hired on Thursday August 27th after the meeting with EMS in which Dr. Doug Murdock was no longer employed by Wasatch County. This is contrary to the rumor that the new EMS Director had been hired 3 weeks ago.  True, other Drs had been contacted earlier in the event this matter didn’t have a positive resolution with Dr. Murdock.  As a result of Dr. Murdock no longer being with the county, he and 6 other EMS personnel walked out of the meeting.  I would like to express my appreciation for the many years of professional service and expertise the Murdock’s have given to all of us in Wasatch County.  They have collectively provided a great service for you and me.  We have lost  experienced personnel who have given much and we cannot replace experience. 

In regards to the EMS being down and Wasatch County being without service this is not true.  Within 1-2 hours the transfer was completed and EMS continued being at the intermediate-advanced level of care.  Dr. Kemp has allowed services to continue under his medical license.  There is a rumor that he doesn’t have a DEA license to dispense medications used on the ambulances.  My understanding is the State of Utah EMS Directors, Paul Patrick and Tammy Goodin have been on top of this matter and Wasatch County was operating under the state until this matter is either substantiated or Dr. Kemp has met the requirements to  dispense these meds.

Concerning the use of the Jordanelle Ambulance, Dr. Kemp has already meet with the personnel involved at the Jordanelle Fire Station to ensure that the ambulance is equipped with necessary supplies and meds to make an emergency run.  Again, contrary to rumor this ambulance has not made any runs and nothing illegal has been done to falsely state that it is equipped when it is not equipped.  Dr. Kemp has spent nearly most of a Saturday to go over everything and then the State of Utah EMS has been to the fire station and certified that this ambulance is properly and adequately equipped.  I have even seen the certificate on the ambulance, signed, sealed and delivered. 

Additionally, Dr. Kemp has meet with many of the EMS and Fire Fighters who are crossed trained and answered their questions.  A schedule has already been set up for both EMS/Fire Fighters to train at least monthly, every third Thursday for extrication.  This will help enormously as our EMS/Fire people train to meet the challenge in emergency situations. 

Also, it should be noted that since the county is in need of additional EMS personnel, the notice has been posted this week and as of Wednesday 4 new applications have been received at the personnel office.  These supposedly are EMT’s who have years of experience.  What is needed now is a time for healing and an attitude to go forward.  If any of you who read this, please if given a chance, Thank the Murdock’s for the valuable service they have given for their many years of work.

Yours in Service,  Neil Anderton, County Council   

BY NEIL ANDERTON   09/06/2010

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