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Wasatch County Council Sept 11, 2010


This week was a work meeting and so there was not anything that the Council could pass as far as resolutions or ordinances  that would be binding within the county.

I did want to mention that the Council was able to meet the new medical director of EMS, Dr. Chris Kemp.  He spent time giving his medical background, which is extensive in emergency work.  Currently he is the medical director of Park City Hospital in their ER.  He was officially hired two weeks ago for $1,000 per month or $12,000 per year.  This is contrary to the rumor that he was hired for $72,000 per year. 

Also, Dr. Kemp answered any questions from the Council members.  He did state that the coverage was continuous with our EMS and that we are functioning on the intermediate to advanced level.  Yours truly asked about the DEA licensure that is required for our ambulances.  Dr. Kemp mentioned that he has the required DEA license and there never was any question about him not having a DEA license.  What was needed was for Dr. Kemp to be registered with the state for his current position.  Further, Dr. Kemp elaborated that the ambulance in Jordanelle Basin is fully equipped and has been certified to begin any emergency runs.  The manning for this ambulance is being worked out.  Further there will be new hires as EMS personnel with good experience are being interviewed by the county Personnel Director. 

 One point of clarification for everyone to know is that the Jordanelle ambulance will primarily make runs in the Jordanelle basin and the patients will be taken to the nearest hospital.  In this case it would be the Park City Hospital.  Everyone should be aware that the protocol for any ambulance is to take a patient to the nearest hospital regardless of where they are stationed. 

The second item on the Council’s agenda was the discussion of granting an electric utility franchise and general utility easement  to both Heber Light and Power and Rocky Mountain Power.  In the past Rocky Mountain Power has served primarily the unincorporated areas whereas Heber Light has served in the valley where incorporated structures exist.  What was needed was for the County Attorney to fine tune the documents to ensure that both entities have the same conditions imposed  to make it equal for them.  This is to say the Council will not give any priority to one over the other.  The direction for the County Attorney, Scott Sweat is to make any corrections and to bring the documents back to our next Council meeting. 

The Council continued their meeting by traveling to Strawberry basin to view the Strawberry Highlands transportation plan.  Yours truly did not attend this excursion as I had another appointment before they would return.  What was looked at basically was the Soldier Creek Dam bypass road plan and concept plan and proposal that is required by the Department of Interior.  Also, looked at was the access road through Maynes property.  A more detailed report will be given when this matter comes before the Council in a future meeting. 

I will keep you posted on upcoming events and happenings.

Neil Anderton, County Council

BY NEIL ANDERTON   09/13/2010

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