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Wasatch County Council Sept 18, 2010


Once again I take computer in hand to report what’s going on in and around Wasatch County.  This week the Council held their regular meeting and passed several items of business that may be of interest to many of you.

First, we approved the warrants for the Parks and Rec. Wasatch County Special Area # 1 and Strawberry Lakeview Special Service Districts.

We then discussed and adopted the Resolution designating September 2010 as Wasatch/Summit County Children’s Justice Center month.

A resolution proposing the Naming and Signage of Bridges in Wasatch County was done whereby they were given a military name representative of our military branches of service.  This was done in conjunction with UDOT”S approval of the signage being proposed. 

Paul Berg, representing Strawberry Highlands appeared before the Council to request a decision on the transportation planning.   Taken into consideration was the response from The U S Department of Interior concerning the access road across Soldier Creek Dam.  Due to the Homeland Security Act this cannot be used for regular travel of residents once the project is completed.  However, the Department of Interior is willing to allow a limited amount of travel across the Dam during construction of up to six new cabins.  They will not allow travel across the Dam that may impede maintenance activities for the Department.

The County Council has taken the position that the new road to be built by the Developer must meet County Standards.  We insist the road be at least 24’ wide with 4’ borrow pit on each side of the road.  The Council will send a letter to the Department of Interior to let them know of our position.

Next the owner of Sliver Cloud Property located just south of Bonanza Flats made a request that he be allowed to be annexed into Park City Proper.  This would allow him to be provided services from Park City,  This matter was discussed and the Council denied his request based upon the fact his property is located in Wasatch County.  Further, that allowing this to happen would may be setting precedence for others to follow who may own land adjacent to his property.  Unanswered was how taxes would be divided. 

Paul Berg also representing Chey Properties in Wasatch County requested Wasatch County to issue a $1,000,000 Industrial Bond to finance the Renovation of Buildings to house a restaurant, retail and office space.  It was made clear that establishing conditions must be met at or prior to the issuance of the Revenue Bond.  This is the second step in the process as the Council has already approved last month the $1,000.000 amount from the recovery money allocated to the County.  A question was raised by someone from the audience  as to why Heber City is in the entity doing this since the property is within Heber City limits.  An easy answer since Cities do not qualify to do this and Counties are designated to fulfill allocating this money.  Yours truly questioned Mr. Berg as to the status of the parking situation where other owners adjacent to their project owned some of the parking space.  Mr. Berg reported this is still being worked out with about 80% already agreed upon.  The Council approved this request with an unanimous vote.

The Council met with the EMS personnel to be updated on the scheduling, medical claims being submitted and any concerns the Council needed to be apprised to help EMS with any concerns or issues.  Dr. Chris Kemp, EMS Medical Director, Clair Provost, EMS Director and several other EMS personnel were in attendance.  They reported that the day-to-day operation is going well.  Also, it was reported that EMS and Fire Personnel are training together and EMS has had several critical emergencies this past week.  One emergency occurred the day of our meeting where an electrocution had occurred with an individual cutting tree branches which fell into the power lines.  Our finest EMS were there within minutes, gave emergency treatment that revived the victim who was rushed to the hospital and reported to be in critical condition but was expected to survive.

THANKS to our dedicated EMS Personnel who are prepared to do what is needed in the saving of lives in a given moments notice. 

It was further reported that EMS is moving ahead to fill the existing vacancies.  As of Wednesday September 15th that 40 new applications had been received, many who have years of experience.  This will allow EMS an opportunity to not only fill the vacancies but to have a large reserve pool to draw from when needed.

County Manager, Mike Davis reported to the Council that the impact fees needed to build the Timber Lakes Fire Station comes under the old rule passed before 2008 and that the funds can be used immediately.  This is different than the new rule which would require a 3 month process before the funds could be released.  County Attorney, Scott Sweat has researched this matter and has given the green light to proceed.

In the Public Hearing Brooke Staples requested a Plat Amendment of the Staple Subdivision in Woodland area in Section 11 Township 3 South, Range 6 East.  This is in a 5 acre zoning district.  The proposal was to create 2 lots from the existing plat which is currently 1 lot.  Since it is family owned and there would be no transferring of any water rights the request was approved by the Council.  One note of mention was the family had built a barn on the line between the two lots.  This amendment will make a clean division of the two lots involved. 

The County has now received the final assessment on the study completed for the roads and stop signs in Wasatch County.  This was done by CIVCO Engineering Inc of Vernal, Utah.  They submitted this report this week dated September 15th 2010.  Unfortunately for many their recommendation is that the stop signs stay.  I now have a copy of the report and am willing to share it with anyone who would like to read it.  This has been a long process and I know many of you feel the County was dragging their feet on this matter.  This is not the case.  I am open for further comments.

Last, but not least I am working the issue of pod-casting of our meetings.  I have been talking to the IT Director who is looking at our options.  Stay Tuned.

Neil Anderton,  County Council

BY NEIL ANDERTON   09/20/2010

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