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2010 Donna Hayes | County Council At-Large

It's that time again…you dread answering your phone because it's another recorded "vote for me because I'm so wonderful" phone call. You love technology…just not this technology. But it is political season and you do need to learn about the candidates. Boring… There is a light at the end of the tunnel…less than 30 days and it will all be over! At least for this round.

Until then…

I'm Donna Hayes, candidate for County Council Seat A. That's the County-wide seat so you can all vote for me…that would be nice - 100% of the votes!

First, I'm not a politician. So when you see me with my foot in my mouth - help me pull it out! What I am is a resident who is just like the majority of people in Wasatch County. We choose to live here, we love our valley, and we want our voice heard when it comes to the decisions the County Council makes about our valley and our lives.

I've spent my career managing and growing businesses, being responsible for multi-million dollar budgets, making sure we had the right people in place to do the job, and insuring results for our stakeholders It's the same mindset and skill set I'll bring to the County Council.

You got it. I believe the County should be run like a business. Every business has a CEO who is responsible for insuring that the business is of service to it's clients while generating a fair return for the stakeholders. In the County the CEO is the County Council and the clients and stakeholders are the citizens. Sounds to me like that's a pretty easy task - if you listen to the people, watch their wallets, sustain/improve the quality of their lives, and are accountable for your actions. So yes, I want to be the County CEO - actually just one of the seven!

CEO's can't do everything themselves so they hire a general manager to handle the day-to-day issues - according to their directives. The General (in our case County) Manager is an appointed position and reports to the CEO. The County Manager is responsible for implementing the decisions made by the Council - not the other way around.

Wow…that's a long way to say: The County Manager works for the County Council and the County Council works for the people! That means YOU are the boss!


Dear Boss:

I am applying to be your voice on the County Council. I promise to listen to what you have to say, study all of the issues, and make decisions, for which I will be held accountable. This campaign and my proposed future service is not about me, it's about the County as a whole and my responsibility to do what is best for the majority of you - even if I may personally disagree.

I realize I will have thousands of bosses and while I know I can't please everyone on every issue. I will be truthful about where I stand - but I do reserve the right to change my mind if new information becomes available or if I have one of those "light-bulb" moments!

I am prepared to be a public servant and check my ego at the door (like all public servants should - elected or appointed) so that I can be a true team player and work towards the common good. No, a team player is not a "yes man" or someone who says "it's my way or the highway." A team player is sometimes the leader, sometimes the support, but is always working with others to accomplish goals and objectives.

So Boss, if you hire me, here's some things I believe are important.

Economic Development
Jobs - with about one-third of our households commuting to Salt Lake, Provo or Park City to work it's time we focused on bringing business to the area that provides good, high-paying jobs with solid benefits. If we earn our money locally we are far more likely to spend our it locally.
Business Growth - we have some tremendous businesses in our County whose owners work hard to be of service to our community and we need to support them. We also need to help some of them understand that they need to be price competitive. 
Increased Tourism - it's a fact that tourism brings dollars to our community. Those dollars are spent in local businesses and generate tax revenue. We have abundant four season recreation opportunities - we must market ourselves and get our share (or more) of tourism dollars.

Managed Growth
Appropriate Impact Fees - growth, one of those "four letter" words. As Utah continues to grow so will our valley. That growth must be managed so that developers pay their fair share and increased costs are not passed on to current residents. 
Fair Taxation/Assessments - real estate values are down and everybody seems to know that except the County Assessors office. Why does the assessed value of my home keep going up - about 15% last year and about 25% the year before. Somebody needs a grip on reality. 
Solid Infrastructure - roads, sewers, water, trash, etc. Solid plans must be developed, implemented, and modified as our County grows. Enough said…

Environment Friendly Programs 
Clean Air and Water - vital! When we recruit new industry to our valley they must not have a negative impact on our air and water quality. Like you, I've driven Highway 40 coming into town from Jordanelle…and the layer of pollution laying over the valley - unacceptable. And almost all of it from one source…our leaders must think before they approve. 
Open Space, Parks & Trails - back to the quality of life issue. 
Recycling Program - it makes sense to recycle - aluminum, glass, plastic, yard waste, etc. We need to work on this!

Okay Boss…that's what I believe the County needs. And, I'm prepared to do my part to help us accomplish our goals.

What can you expect from me?

A Council representative that: 
Understands YOU are the Boss and listens to you (that's why I have two ears and one mouth)! 
Believes in fiscal responsibility, accurate books, traceable income and expenses, and will spend your dollars wisely. 
Understands that the Council needs to be in control. ü Recognizes that every action has a consequence. 
ACT's on your behalf 
      A - Accessible and Accountable 
      C - Communicates and uses Common Sense 
      T - Truth and Transparency

Boss, it's about time YOUR voice is heard - and I'm listening!

Thank you for considering me for the position of County Council. I would appreciate your hiring me on November 2nd (which happens to be my birthday, so no gifts please…just your vote!).

Sincerely, Donna Hayes County Council 435.671.6371

BY DONNA HAYES   10/01/2010

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